Elusive sleep

I’m so tired, but I cannot sleep.

You’d think with the pain and nausea meds I’d be flat on my arse, but no.

I didn’t sleep well at all in the hospital either. I think I’m just overtired.

I feel sick and miserable and I don’t know how I’m going to function in the morning.

I have to take my friend back home. They’ve been staying at my parent’s house so that they could visit me at the hospital more conveniently since they live 45 minutes away. Their car is at their house so… I have to get them home. My stepdad said he’d drive, but I need to ride along.

So yeah.

I am just worried about not sleeping.

I think I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety without realizing it if I’m honest. Going to the hospital multiple times for pancreatitis is traumatic. Having this pain over and over again is traumatic.

I live in fear of the pain.

Whatever. I have to try to rest at least.

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