Anyone who has flown on a US flight has heard the announcement from the flight attendants about putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others in the event of an emergency. Many people before me have used it as a metaphor for self care. I have not been applying my own mask and I'm … Continue reading Oxygen

Goals: 5/31

I'm gonna take a bite out of this day. Literally. I need to make sure I eat three times today. I have therapy this morning and I meet with my newer dietician this afternoon. I am going to stop and visit with my good friend too and that's a good thing because we are just … Continue reading Goals: 5/31


We've all heard the saying: "Normal is just a setting on a clothes dryer." Despite that, I have charted close to a "normal" mood on my mood chart for a few days in a row now. I don't really know what to attribute this to since my life has been somewhat chaotic, except for I've … Continue reading “Normal”


It's been a good, but weird week. I do feel kind of bad because I may have, (or really kind of did), Broken my word about how I was going to handle a situation, but it worked out much better my way. At least so far. I could get burned, but the other options are … Continue reading Weird

Goals: 5/29

I have a doctor's appointment this morning and an ultrasound this afternoon. I am going to visit a friend later this afternoon and then I'm probably going home to take a nap. That's my very exciting day. just trying to get back into the swing of goals here. I hope you all have a lovely … Continue reading Goals: 5/29


Once again someone I care about has had a life touched by suicide. If this is something you are thinking about, please reach out for help. The contagion thing is real. I'm watching someone struggle with it first hand. Please consider getting help. If you are too afraid to reach out to a professional, at … Continue reading Again


This is the one year anniversary of me starting my blog! What a year it has been. I am still not brave enough to go back and read some of the posts I made from last summer, but I know that I have made a ton of progress since then. Thank you to everyone who … Continue reading Anniversary!

Big Goals

I have been thinking a lot about my long term goals. I have some, but they feel a lot more like dreams at this point. I'm not confident at all that I can actually get there. I'm so afraid that at any point in the process I could get stuck or end up in a … Continue reading Big Goals


Sometimes it is fun to be an adult. A friend and I had a (admittedly small) ice cream cone for dinner and now we are going to see Deadpool 2 for the evening's entertainment. I've heard good things and the first one was totally my sense of humor, even if it was a bit crass. … Continue reading Adulting