I decided to fix my nails for the extended family gathering tomorrow. They were grown out and chipping. I went with a gold glittery color this time. I think it's festive for the holiday. I think I'm going to wear my gold glitter sweater tomorrow too so I might actually match for once. It's a … Continue reading Gold!



I was feeling a little bad about eating a giant plate at dinner today and about some weight I have gained in the past couple of months on this antidepressant that I am now weaning off of, and then I stumbled on this Carrie Fisher quote: "I think if my body as a side effect … Continue reading Quote


Please don't buy gifts for your friends or loved ones that are stigmatizing like this horrible game I saw at the store the other day. While the premise of this game seems to be something similar to the old "telephone" game, the packaging is abhorrent. I was not formerly someone who thought about the stigma … Continue reading Please


Why is it so hard to get in the shower? I mean really? Depression has me kind of... not... for too many days now. It's Thursday. I think I last climbed in on Sunday. Maybe. I don't remember. All I know is that I am gross. I don't know why it's so difficult. It's like … Continue reading Shower


It's Thanksgiving and that means the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! It's been tradition since my earliest memory to curl up on the couch and watch the parade with the performances from the Broadway musicals, Rockettes, the big balloons, marching bands and other floats. I have to admit, it's sad they have to put so much … Continue reading Parade!


So three years ago this time I was hitting the ground from emotion at a memorial service for what was one of my closest and best friends. Less than 12 hours later I would get the call that my cousin was in labor with the first of her children that I would actually call my … Continue reading Three


I do this thing unconsciously when I don't want to connect with my emotional state, where I just kind of check out. I am just in some kind of "zone" where I am mildly irritable and nothing else. It's a self preservation kind of thing for sure because it's usually masking anxiety and depression that … Continue reading Zoned