I have been working with my therapist on trauma and we have been talking about how a lot of my "symptoms" are really evidence of trauma and less a list of things that support a diagnosis. She explained that it's super common for someone like me to present with a bunch of symptoms and get … Continue reading Trauma?



As in, achievement unlocked! I took a shower! Yay! I am also wearing clean clothes, despite the fact that it looks like I'm wearing the same green shirt, (I own several green shirts due to the fact that it's my favorite color). I have been slacking on this since I got sick. It was time … Continue reading Unlocked!


I noticed someone read this post today. I didn't remember what it was, so I reread it. All I can say is, "wow." I'm glad I'm not there anymore. When I posted in Resiliency, this was the kind of thing I was talking about. I know if I go back in my blog, I'll see … Continue reading Past


I used to be very fragile. It didn't take much to "pop" my sphere of sanity and trigger me into feelings that I couldn't handle what I was dealing with or even that I didn't want to be here. If you read back on my blog, (something I don't really have the courage to do), … Continue reading Resiliency


Sorry, this isn't a post about religion. It is a post about faith, or rather my lack of it in myself. Almost ten years ago to the day, I received my bipolar diagnosis. At the time I had gone into the doctor convinced it was true, and set about convincing her of the same thing. … Continue reading Afterlife


I spoke to a jobs counselor today who was also a social worker. This woman tried to talk me out of going to grad school online. Now, I'm well aware of all of the arguments for attaining an MSW in-person. I've done my research. In spite of me telling her that, she continued to talk … Continue reading Marginalized


I used to hate rainy days. It meant that I was "trapped" in the house and couldn't get anything done. I have changed my mind. I'm rather fond of rainy days now. They mean that I can finish projects inside of the house. They mean that I can relax, even if it is just for … Continue reading Days


I'm just starting to learn about trauma with my new therapist. There's a lot to learn. I'm starting to become convinced, not really because of this therapist or anything she's said, but because of long standing suspicion on my part, that I may not be actually bipolar. That's right; I may be a fraud. To … Continue reading Trauma