Please don't read this if you are feeling "on the edge" or are easily triggered by posts discussing suicide or eating disorder behavior. I have a friend. She may or may not read this even, but I need to be able to post on my own blog. I generally don't discuss my friends and their … Continue reading Triggered



I decided to do some anxiety-fueled shopping today. Not the best coping skill, but it helped, so whatever. I had a $10 coupon to my favorite plus-sized store, and while I am almost out of their sizes, I am still able to wear the smallest size in the store. This means that there is LOTS … Continue reading Score!


No, not that way. Just my anxiety level is high again today. I'm working on coping skills to try and help to lower it. It's so high though that I actually have a tight feeling in my chest. It sucks. I'm so close to tears nearly all of the time and I can't really pinpoint … Continue reading High


When I originally made this art, it was about healing. Today it's about sort of barely slapping things together. I am exhausted and I am experiencing wicked anxiety. I am kind of crashing. I had thought it was just from being tired. Maybe it is. Maybe it's a bunch of things coming together that I … Continue reading Exhausted


I absolutely hate confrontation of any kind. I don't handle it well. I feel like I'm about to be in a situation that could be fairly contentious. The horse has been beaten to death and then some, but apparently we need to meet to talk about it. I am exhausted. This is probably the wrong … Continue reading Confrontation


I'm meeting with my wellness coach person in a few minutes, but it feels like a total waste of time. My knee is fully messed up. It tried to give out on me several times at the airports and I am pretty sure it's not going to tolerate gym activity. It's in a brace, but … Continue reading Gym


I need to come with warning labels, especially when I am tired. Holy cow. I am a hot mess. I cannot emotionally process things when I am overtired. What actually happens is that I can't think and therefore everything just kind of goes into this weird tailspin place of pure emotion. I am just a … Continue reading Signs


I hate it when my sleep schedule gets all messed up. I logged maybe eight hours of sleep for the entire weekend, (which is only about enough to keep me upright, but not save me from being completely ridiculous), so pretty much as soon as I got home and could relax, I passed out. I … Continue reading Whacky