Late goals: 2/28

Shower (done) Wash sweatshirt (done) Bible study (done) Walk (done) Rheumatology appointment Celebrate Recovery (I'm still trying this out- I'll decide tonight if I'm really going to commit for a while or not). Attitude shift- I'm working on this. My mood is definitely different than the last few days. I am still really anxious and … Continue reading Late goals: 2/28


πŸ’€ I had to fight to get sleep last night. I got plenty in the end, but it was interrupted and not all that restful.I can tell that was the case today because my mood is kind of crap. I was hoping things would just level off after I was hypomanic for a while, but … Continue reading Fight


I sort of fell off the non-smoker wagon the last week or so. Time to hop back on. I am forgiving myself this relapse not because I am making excuses, but because relapses happen. I don't like the way my clothes smell. It sucks. I will also be unable to walk as much if my … Continue reading Bandwagon


I love The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It's completely over the top, but it has a heart and something to say about life I think. Kimmy's optimism does not Dim despite all of the challenges she faces, and she embraces each new obstacle as an opportunity. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that this show … Continue reading Unbreakable


I think today was a better day for me, (even before I got my car back), than the last several have been. I was less restless and weird even though I still had to "walk it out" for a good distance today. I did go shopping, but it was planned and it was for things … Continue reading Objectively

Hill: Day 2

I tackled the steep hill in my neighborhood and walked around even more of my subdivision than I did yesterday. I was making up for the fact that I didn't walk on the treadmill today. It felt good to get out in the sunshine although I think I got a sunburn! I am proud of … Continue reading Hill: Day 2

Jeans πŸ‘–

I bought my very first pair of skinny jeans today! I have always bought boot cut or flares because I was terrified of things that "fit." These jeans are really cute AND they are two sizes smaller than the jeans I currently own! No kidding! I can't believe I was brave enough to get them. … Continue reading Jeans πŸ‘–


I got my car back! I think it's okay. The brakes were a little weird, but I think they had dirt in them so I drove it though a car wash. They seem better. My floor mats are dry so I'm assuming the water didn't get too high. Thank goodness. It doesn't "fix" my mood … Continue reading CAR!


Anxiety can make me feel like there is an overwhelming sense of doom. I feel like something bad is going to happen to a loved one and I start calling everyone to check to make sure they are okay. Sometimes it gets so bad that I don't want to drive for fear that something will … Continue reading Doom


I logged over 10,000 steps on my Fitbit yesterday. I know that is a regular thing for some of you fitness folks, but that is not a normal day for me. Even on treadmill days, I still only average somewhere around 5,500 or less if it's not an active day otherwise. That is how restless … Continue reading 10,000