I may detest the heat, but I love July. Not only is the Fourth of July my favorite holiday, (I'm such an American), but the lightning bugs come out!!! In other parts of the U.S. people call them "fireflies," which I always thought was a little more romantic, even though I grew up calling them … Continue reading Fireflies


My hair is messy and I am sitting at my friends house. I couldn't care less. I took a nap earlier and that was glorious. I am getting ready to return some pop (soda) bottles, (yeah that's a thing here because Michigan has a $0.10 deposit per bottle), and it's a gazillion degrees outside. I … Continue reading Messy


Okay, I know I complained about the -40°F temps, but now it's super hot. Now that I have hit menopause early I'm even more heat intolerant than I was before. Add that to the psych meds and I'm just a mess. Someone bring me a fan!!!!!! Seriously. I have air conditioning where I am and … Continue reading Wave


I'm lousy at celebrating the good in my life. The truth is, it's rarely all bad. I'm very lucky to have people who love me. I'm lucky to have a strong support team. I am usually able to advocate for myself. I am stronger than I give myself credit for. The evidence of that is … Continue reading Good


Can we talk about why this is so hard? Seriously. I sort of feel better after I drag my grubby butt in there, but I have zero motivation to actually do it. It's so gross. My hair is disgusting. I need to shower before I see my doctor today, and I just can't make myself … Continue reading Showering


While the beach is calling my name, a nap sounds like a great idea. I went to physical therapy and pretended to be a "normal" person and then I went to lunch with my friend. I am kind of tapped out. I just want to curl up and rest now. It's also very hot outside … Continue reading Instead

Beach?! 🏝

I desperately want to go to the beach. It's supposed to be near 90°F here today for the next few days and that is simply too hot for me. I can't sell anyone else on the idea though, and I don't really want to go by myself because the nearest beach on Lake Michigan is … Continue reading Beach?! 🏝


I've had a lot of appointments lately- or rather still. I saw my rheumatologist this week to see if he could help with my knees. He drained the worst one and put steroids in both of them. They meds are supposed to stay local to my knees, but I think they went systemic because I've … Continue reading Doctors!

Oops 😬

"Shut up," is exactly what I should have said to my whiny self last night. I was just having a "poor me" moment because I went to the doctor and I was hoping he could help my knee and he really couldn't. I'm just frustrated and disappointed and it came out all wrong. I live … Continue reading Oops 😬


It's rained here for days and it seems congruent with my mood. "When it rains it pours," goes the old saying and I am feeling leveled by all of the things happening around me and to me. Is this a selfish whiny post? Yup. It's been a rough year. My best friend has cancer, and … Continue reading Pours