I’m unclear…

…as to what my purpose is. Not in an, “I don’t belong here anymore” kind of way, just in an “existential crisis” kind of way. I honestly have no idea what God or the universe has planned for me. It’s getting old. I’m getting old. For real. I have friends that have grandkids. I don’t … Continue reading I’m unclear…

Home now.

Mom is… okay. She is also home and sleeping now. I don’t know. I just feel fried. I was so worried. Her CT scan and labs came back normal and her blood pressure went down some so they let us go home. I was kind of super freaking out when she asked me where she … Continue reading Home now.

At the doctor

I look awesome because I need a shower. I totally should have done that before I got here, but I couldn’t wake up in time and then I might have still been able to, but I just couldn’t make myself. Soooo…. Pony tail and new clothes and deodorant and a prayer that I don’t stink … Continue reading At the doctor

Day 2986

I seriously cannot tell you how discouraging it is to still be throwing up after being out of the hospital for four days. I can’t even hold water down this morning. It’s really annoying. I don’t want to go back to the hospital, so I’m just staying put. I decided that I need to go … Continue reading Day 2986

The struggle….

…just to keep water in my stomach. It’s completely real. I was an idiot and ate some pumpkin seeds when I got home this morning. Apparently they ticked off my stomach. I mean I guess because that is what I just threw up so… I thought the first time it might have been the ginger … Continue reading The struggle….


I’m out of the hospital, finally. I still feel kind of terrible if I’m honest. I am so thirsty and I can’t seem to make the pain in my side calm down. I was on iv fluids until this morning, so now that I’m responsible for hydrating myself, I’m not doing quite as good of … Continue reading Home.