In honor of my birthday, (which is a few days away yet), I made myself strawberry cupcakes because they are my favorite. It's impossible to find strawberry cake, at least around here, so I buy the cake mix where I can find it and make cupcakes. I like decorating them, although this year I went … Continue reading Strawberry!!



Oh my gosh! I have been on hold for twenty minutes with Pier 1 trying to resolve some stuff on an online order. Holy cow! Who knows how long I'm going to be sitting here. It would help if I hadn't woken up pretty much already overwhelmed and in tears today. I am clenching my … Continue reading Hold!!!!!!!


I think the original Ghostbusters might be close to one of my most favorite movies ever. I'm so excited that it, and Ghostbusters II, is on Netflix! I'm currently watching the sequel right now and laughing my butt off. So funny. I needed it. It's so good. Netflix rocks. Image from IMDB.


I'm a little afraid to check the bank account balance today because I've been doing Christmas shopping. In fairness, I really haven't spent that much, and I've gotten some really good deals. My Mom has helped me out some too. I found something perfect for another occasion today and I'm pretty happy about that as … Continue reading Spending


I actually don't mind winter so much in terms of the cold, but I do mind that it gets dark so early and that it is so often gray and gloomy all of the time. The fact that it's getting dark here by five o'clock is crap. I know that in a week the days … Continue reading Winter…

Blogmas: Santa

There are so many traditions surrounding Santa around the world. In the United States, our image of Santa is largely due to Coca Cola's advertising from the early 20th century. Previous to that, he was not always depicted as a jolly man in a red suit. Coca Cola cemented the image that we know today. … Continue reading Blogmas: Santa


I feel terrible this morning. I don't know even how best to communicate how I feel, other than awful. I feel like I'm stuck in mud with my tires spinning. Does that even make sense? My mind is going, but it's not moving me anywhere and I have zero motivation. I am glad things are … Continue reading Lousy…

Goals: 12/14/18

I have dishes to wash. Ugh. I also have to, once again, take a freaking shower... AAAAGGGHHHH! I should also go to the store and figure out dinner, but honestly, I don't know if I have that in me. I feel like crap emotionally. I've already been in tears once this morning, (make that two). … Continue reading Goals: 12/14/18