Do you remember your favorite book from childhood? A person close to me gave me this copy of Alice a couple of years ago for Christmas. I absolutely adored Alice when I was little. It wasn’t unusual to find me up in the trees at the end of the driveway happily reading my well worn … Continue reading Adventures!


I’m here. Awake. At almost one o’clock in the morning. Yay. I am not excited about it. I’m really anxious about my appointment with my gastroenterologist in the morning. It’s a virtual appointment, but it’s still an appointment and I don’t know what he’s going to say about me having been in the hospital so … Continue reading Elusive


List three books that have had an impact on you. Why? Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is my absolute favorite book of all time. He was so far ahead of his time in terms of technology and his understanding of where that would lead. He also just had some amazing commentary on society. Love it. … Continue reading Post-apocalyptic


I’m kind of happy today. I went and got labs done and I was nervous because my gastroenterologist ordered an A1C test to check and see if I was starting to develop diabetes because of all of my pancreatic issues. Good news! I’m not! I was worried. I put it off until the last possible … Continue reading Win!


What fears have you overcome and how? This is a picture I posted on my blog back in 2017. It shows where someone dig into the window casement and pried the window open. I was sooo freaked out (they ran away when I came back into the room). Anyway, I had been afraid of people … Continue reading Boogeymen