It looks like I'm here for another couple of days. Yay. I'm back on not being allowed anything at all to eat or drink. It's awesome. My CT scan came back the way he expected it to and just showed that my pancreas was inflamed. My labs I guess are jumping back up for whatever … Continue reading Trapped!



My Michigan parents got me those lovely flowers in the background, and I've seen worse hospital rooms. At least I have my own room. That's a bonus to this hospital. I still feel pretty awful if I'm honest though. I did get off the heart monitor finally. They decided it was probably a low heart … Continue reading Surviving


My mom is coming through for me and coming to visit again today. She might even come twice. Holy crap. It's hard for her to get out and I appreciate that, but she also has her own issues with social anxiety and stuff and so I sort of don't really ever expect her to make … Continue reading Surprise!


I most definitely have pancreatitis and will likely be in the hospital for the next three days. I also have a pulse of 40 for some reason which is freaking out the nursing staff, (and me), so I am now on a heart monitor as well. They already did an EKG earlier this evening because … Continue reading Scared


Apparently my labs didn't turn out so well so my assumption that everything was fine was sort of Premature. My labs show that I could have acute pancreatitis, which is messed up since I don't drink really ever. I know there are other ways to get this, but it's annoying. I feel disgusting. Hopefully it … Continue reading Life


Ugh. I was literally twenty minutes from heading out of the house to go volunteer when I started getting stabbing pains in my left side. I tried to ignore them and I had decided that I was going to go anyway, so I left the house and drove across town. By the time I got … Continue reading Sick!


I signed up for a class at the community college in town for the fall. I wasn't sure if it was a mixed episode thing or a real thing that I wanted to do, but I talked it over with my therapist and we decided it was probably a rational decision based on previous conversations … Continue reading Class


Therapy went really well today. I appreciated that she helped me stay focused because I am not that way right now. It just went really well. It was really helpful. She is going to email me some things on how to deal with my core beliefs surrounding my inability to trust myself and my belief … Continue reading Therapy

Thank You

I published a post, (that may trigger some), and many of you have been very supportive. I really appreciate it. ❤️ It's not always easy for me to be open and vulnerable anywhere, even on my blog, where I try the hardest, so it's a big deal that you guys have been so kind. I'll … Continue reading Thank You