Sick all day and awake all night…

For real. My stomach has not been cooperating, really all week, but it got really bad today. I felt terrible all day long and really only got one load of laundry done. That was some kind of miracle. I am now wide awake at 2:20 a.m. and still feeling pretty gross. As in, I’m not … Continue reading Sick all day and awake all night…

I’ve sunk

I have been treading water since I got sick two weeks ago (regular readers may have noticed my lack of posts). I have been trying to keep my head up and do the things I need to do. I haven’t been though. I made it to two appointments that I couldn’t really cancel and other … Continue reading I’ve sunk

When history repeats itself….

Back in the ER and waiting for a room this time. My pancreas is not cooperating. Fun fun! I feel icky. I just want to nap. I don’t feel well. I did get into graduate school though! Yay! I’m pretty stoked about that. Just gotta get over this nasty stuff. Photo by me.

I seriously cannot

I am at the darn zoo otherwise known as the emergency room waiting room. I’ve been here for five hours. I think it’s going to be another hour. It’s absolutely ridiculous. There is a young woman here with three boys all under the age of four. She is totally outmanned. It’s taken security, other sick … Continue reading I seriously cannot