My picture from underneath the Mackinac Bridge on a cloudy day.  Today I let being too tired and too overscheduled get to me. I was anxious, irritable, wired and my nerves were raw.  I acknowledge that I set myself up for this. Obviously I didn't do it on purpose. I thought I was rocking it, … Continue reading Subpar


The word "recovery" gets tossed around in mental health circles all of the time but I am not sure what it means.  Does it mean that I am well enough that I don't need services anymore? I don't think I ever get to the place where I don't need a psychiatrist and therapist to help … Continue reading Recovery 


I am a 30 freaking 7 year old woman living in my parents' house. I completely understand that they have their own quirks and ways they want things done.  I don't understand how, no matter which space I live in, I have zero privacy. I literally just convinced my mom, after 37 years of barging … Continue reading 37


My most recent article was published today in The Mighty. You can find it here: Three Ways Being My Own Advocate Has Helped My Mental Health Recovery I have an older story there as well describing what mixed episodes feel like for me.  You can find that one here: What It's Like to Experience Mixed … Continue reading Mightier! 


About three years ago, I was in a psychiatric unit (nothing new for me) except this time the psychiatric PA determined that she needed to start with a clean slate. She discontinued all of my psychiatric medication and started me on just one. Sadly, within 3 days of discharge I had serious reactions to that … Continue reading Frozen


It's only Wednesday but I'm a little overwhelmed I think. I've been on the run solid since Monday morning. I have been going since 8am every day just go go go!  I have an appointment tomorrow late morning but I think I am going to force myself to just go to that and stay home … Continue reading Fried 


My case manager asked me today if I was doing better purely because I was, if I was hiding things from myself at all, or if I was maybe hiding things from both her and I because I don't want to scare her.  That was a really good question. I have given that some thought … Continue reading Counterfeit 


If I were one of the Seven Dwarfs today, I would most assuredly be Sleepy.  Goodness. Apparently being on my feet for just the 3 hours straight was enough to wear me out!!  I just took a (interrupted) four hour nap. No joke. Now of course I worry about sleeping tonight. We'll see if I'm … Continue reading Seven


Volunteering was so much fun today! I did feel like kind of a nerd and a little bit anxious while trying to figure things out, but people were patient and kind and I felt welcomed.  It was good to get out and do something amongst people. I loved that it was just a couple of … Continue reading Awkwardness


Today is the day!!!! I start my volunteer gig today at the food pantry. I'm pretty excited.  I'm also a little nervous because it's a new environment with new people and new things to learn, but I think it will be very rewarding. It's such a great organization with such a great mission. I just … Continue reading Arrived!!!