Well, I volunteered

I went to my volunteer gig and I made it for almost three hours, which was my goal. I genuinely have a terrible headache and there really wasn’t a lot left for me to do, so it seemed fine for me to take off. I really want a nap. I need to clean and do … Continue reading Well, I volunteered

So worried about today

I have so many things in the fire right now. I am going to volunteer in just over an hour and I’m pretty tired so I’m worried about how I’m going to do at the desk today. I don’t want to appear to be so blonde I can’t do it. I am also “on alert” … Continue reading So worried about today

Wrote the essay!

I wrote the essay! It’s done! Yay me! I have been stressing about that silly thing for weeks. I wish I had just sat down and written it sooner, but I don’t think I would have had the perspective I needed to have. So whatever. I am glad it’s done. It’s in God’s hands now. … Continue reading Wrote the essay!

Playing today!

Playing with my two favorite girls today and their mother, (dad is working). I think we are going to clean and finish painting a bedroom. Ironic since I haven’t finished cleaning mine, but whatever. I’m not trying to paint mine. I am very excited to play. It’s good for my soul that they are back … Continue reading Playing today!

Unfinished poem

Sitting on my bed Ghosts dancing in my head Talking to the shadows on the floor And the monsters opposite the door. The fire raging in my brain Dreams going down the drain Sadness overtakes me And I can no longer see. Through the fog of depression And walls of oppression The stars are occluded … Continue reading Unfinished poem

Too broken to help

I hate the saying, “broken crayons still color.” Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they are just broken. Sometimes they are covered in all the colors around them that they are rendered useless. I don’t know. I am broken. I feel like such a fraud applying to this graduate program. Like… I don’t know how I am … Continue reading Too broken to help