Day 98

I'm feeling marginally better today, but I'm really restless. I met with my friend that I'm going up north with early this morning and we planned a little more and went to breakfast. I also went to the library! It finally opened this week, so I was able to turn in my library book that … Continue reading Day 98


I'm always seemingly doing the wrong thing. I hate this stupid pandemic. I hate this stupid 90°+ heat. I hate that I can't just quit smoking. I am frustrated. Today is not a good day. Image from Pexels.


I got these cool cubes from a friend. They have words on all six sides, (well some have blanks so you can make your own word), but anyway, you roll them and put them into a haiku. It's fun! I'm a nerd. I know. Photos by me.

Day 97

I cleaned out the trunk of my car today! Yay! It was not dirty, but it was full. I had a lot of winter crap in there and needed to replace it with a lot of other stuff for my trip. It's hot today and it's predicted to get even warmer towards the end of … Continue reading Day 97

Day 96

My Dad is feeling much better today, so that's an answer to prayer. I am one cup of coffee and three cigarettes in for the day, so that's how quitting smoking is going... I'm trying, I just don't do very well if I don't have a patch on. Last night, people were shooting off fireworks … Continue reading Day 96

Day 95

I have sawdust on my shirt because the storms that blew through last night knocked down a substantial limb in my friend's backyard. We managed to cut it down and get it off her decorative bushes, although I fear one of those isn't going to make it. My house made it through the storm okay, … Continue reading Day 95

Day 94

Long time or regular readers of my blog know that I am not fond of thunderstorms. The weather prognosticators are forecasting nasty ones for later today and tonight. I'm thrilled. The anxiety started last night. At first, I couldn't figure out why I was so anxious. I just was. Then I determined it was because … Continue reading Day 94


I did it! I cleaned all day. I also did three or four loads of laundry and folded it and put it away. I started a list for my trip and started pulling things to pack. I'm feeling super accomplished. I even found some "me time" during the afternoon by streaming some stuff to watch … Continue reading Yay.

Day 92

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor...." I am in good spirits this morning. It's a nice day and I'm awake and ready to tackle my day. That's a good thing since I have to clean my space today per my mom's request. I have done most of laundry, … Continue reading Day 92