If you are someone who posts memes like this, just know that I am screaming at my screen when I see them. Is it possible for there to be a more invalidating meme for someone who lives with anxiety? Really? Aside from the obvious dismissal of someone's mental health status, this kind of crap is … Continue reading Tripe



Today is the 30th. Duh. I have been operating like it was the 29th all day. Somehow I lost a day. I hate when I do that. I guess I've been sleeping a lot, but this is kind of out of control. Wow. Weird. Oh well. I guess it's the 30th and tomorrow is December. … Continue reading Day


The Sandman visited and he hasn't left yet. I am so tired. I'm also antsy and anxious so I'm up. I sort a large part of yesterday, so it made sleeping last night a little more challenging. I still slept better than I have the last few nights, but I was more anxious. I still … Continue reading Groggy