I’m unclear…

…as to what my purpose is. Not in an, “I don’t belong here anymore” kind of way, just in an “existential crisis” kind of way. I honestly have no idea what God or the universe has planned for me. It’s getting old. I’m getting old. For real. I have friends that have grandkids. I don’t … Continue reading I’m unclear…

I seriously can’t…

My stepdad just came running up the stairs and pounded on my door because my mom was crumpled on the floor next to her bed. Now, she was just exhausted and couldn’t get from the living room to the bedroom without falling down from exhaustion, but I still don’t know what my stepdad expected me … Continue reading I seriously can’t…

Migraine day

Because there hasn’t been enough fun lately, let’s add a migraine!!! Yay! The best thing I can say about it is that I don’t have anything really to do today outside of the house. I wanted to get some laundry done, but I can work on that tomorrow if I have to. I am just … Continue reading Migraine day

Home now.

Mom is… okay. She is also home and sleeping now. I don’t know. I just feel fried. I was so worried. Her CT scan and labs came back normal and her blood pressure went down some so they let us go home. I was kind of super freaking out when she asked me where she … Continue reading Home now.

Day 2986

I seriously cannot tell you how discouraging it is to still be throwing up after being out of the hospital for four days. I can’t even hold water down this morning. It’s really annoying. I don’t want to go back to the hospital, so I’m just staying put. I decided that I need to go … Continue reading Day 2986

The struggle….

…just to keep water in my stomach. It’s completely real. I was an idiot and ate some pumpkin seeds when I got home this morning. Apparently they ticked off my stomach. I mean I guess because that is what I just threw up so… I thought the first time it might have been the ginger … Continue reading The struggle….


I’m out of the hospital, finally. I still feel kind of terrible if I’m honest. I am so thirsty and I can’t seem to make the pain in my side calm down. I was on iv fluids until this morning, so now that I’m responsible for hydrating myself, I’m not doing quite as good of … Continue reading Home.