I've got this on repeat.



I went on a shortened walk today because of the heat much to my Astonishment today. It's only 72 and sunny, but I was wearing my jeans and a tank top and I got way too hot. I easily overheat due to my psych meds and just my genetic make up so trying to power … Continue reading Truncated


Ooh shiny! Honestly, it works out that my friend just got word that she needs to move apartments by Monday (in the same complex). That means that I am helping her to frantically pack and move for the next few days. Good news for both of us actually. I needed a distraction. Image cited somewhere … Continue reading Distraction


I have noticed something about myself through this past few days: I suck at grief. I guess it's not a new something that I've noticed, but rather how I handle it. I generally have flat out rejected it in the past and not dealt with it unless absolutely forced to do so. Mostly because it … Continue reading Covering


I grabbed an old friend and headed for the lakeshore today. It might only be 50 degrees, but it's gorgeous. I decided that I cannot spend every waking moment crying over the fact that my cousin isn't 6 minutes away anymore, any more than I can pretend it didn't happen. My friend is understanding and … Continue reading Beach!


I'm sure pigs are happy sitting in the mud. I'm not. I'm not sure I'm even "sitting" with the grief right. I'm supposed to not hold onto it and not reject it. I'm very good at rejecting grief and not dealing with it, but I don't know how to handle it this other way. I … Continue reading Sitting


I am not usually someone who can sit and watch tv or Netflix for entertainment, at least not for very long. My brain is swimming and I just need something else to focus on. It's kind of helping. I'd make popcorn or something, but the smoothie and cup of yogurt I've eaten today have tasted … Continue reading Unusual


Having time to process my cousin's departure today is ripping my heart out. It's not a good day. I was walking at church and thankfully there weren't a ton of people because tears were just streaming down my face when no one was around. I'm so sad. It hurts so much I can't breathe sometimes. … Continue reading Ripping