I'm anxious, I can't sleep. I can't sleep, I'm anxious. Ack! This sucks! It's almost midnight, I feel like crap, I have things to do tomorrow, and I just need to sleep!!!! I don't know how much more of just laying here I can take. I'm too tired to do anything else, but I'm beyond … Continue reading Insomniac


I'm getting baptized at church tomorrow and I am starting to get nervous. I wasn't nervous when my pastor asked me if I had problems speaking in front of the church. I didn't think it would be a problem. I actually think if it was just the church, I'd be fine. The thing is, it's … Continue reading Public


I'm running low on energy this morning. I am coming down with some kind of crud and I feel like my butt is getting kicked. I want to do about 15 thousand things this morning, but I'm not sure I'm going to get past the shower. I have to take a shower. Outside of that, … Continue reading Low


I'm feeling a little swirly today. My head hurts. I think it's the beginning of a migraine because I have all of the other symptoms too, like fatigue, the munchies, an upset stomach (which makes no sense with the previous thing, I know), irritability, overly emotional, and did I say fatigue? So yeah. Just feeling … Continue reading Headaches…


Well, my hair is a mess and I'm actually wearing my silly glasses for once, but I got things done today. I went to bible study, and it was okay. I'm not really sure about this particular one because it's a little heavy handed and very focused on how even anxiety and worry are a … Continue reading Productivity


The space I use for my art is a repurposed old office space, (yes, that's an old tube tv in the background). No one uses this room in the house, so I claimed it. It's convenient for me, since it's across the hall from my bedroom, but I think my parents might kill me when … Continue reading Mindful


Today I took an adult mental health first aid class. It was pretty cool. I had learned some of the facts and information before, but not some of the practical application-type stuff. I really liked it. It covered a HUGE swath of info and went a full eight hours, (with a few breaks). I was … Continue reading First-Aid


I know it looks like a rather gloomy day, but that's the sun peeking out. It's the calm before the next snowstorm hits. I wouldn't actually mind a little more snow, but I'm supposed to go to the east side of the state tomorrow night for a concert and I'm not looking forward to getting … Continue reading Calm…


This is my Dad trying on a goofy tie while I was on the phone with him just to make me laugh. He can be a goofball. He was supposed to come up this past weekend because I was going to be baptized at church, but it got postponed for a week so he's coming … Continue reading Dad


My church has been running a series this month on love, (not surprising since this is the "love" month). The first week was on loving God, the second week was on loving your partner, the third week was on loving your community, and today was on loving yourself. I know not everyone is a believer, … Continue reading Worth