I used to paint a pumpkin teal every year and do the teal pumpkin project for food allergy awareness. I would put together baggies of non food treats like glow necklaces, stickers, etc and pass them out all night. I didn’t do that this year and it made Halloween kind of suck. I just wasn’t … Continue reading Hallobummer

Headache from hades

Migraines have to come straight out of hell. I have no other explanation for their existence. I woke up feeling a little off, but by noon my head was exploding. I can’t really take the typical migraine medication because I got serotonin syndrome when it mixed with my psych meds. That was scary. So I … Continue reading Headache from hades

So much school!

I was inspired by the Ragtag daily post word “procrastinate” this morning. I took an incomplete for the class I was in, but that means I still have basically half of the class to complete this month. I have been totally putting it off because everything has been happening and I have not been in … Continue reading So much school!

Rivalry Day!

It’s the Michigan State vs. University of Michigan football game day! I have a hard time watching this game because I tend to freak out. I want Michigan State to win so badly. Both teams are ranked in the top ten and so it’s a really big game. We’ll see how I do. I have … Continue reading Rivalry Day!