Faith is a funny thing for me. I've talked about it in passing before. I'm a Christian, but I don't feel like a very good one.  I mean that in the sense that I know intellectually that I am supposed to trust God and turn over my problems to Him. I totally suck at that due … Continue reading Faith



This is a great book. The main character, Milo, goes off on an adventure and reaches this area called "The Doldrums" where he meets people known as the Lethargians who don't think or laugh. It's supposed to be a place where people who daydream too much get stuck. Our hero figures out he has to … Continue reading Doldrums


New medication today after seeing my psych PA. It's a blood pressure med but it's supposed to help with anxiety too so here's hoping. She also approved my increase in my antipsychotic so that was good news. I am also now the proud owner of a blood pressure cuff since I have weird blood pressure … Continue reading Meds


As much as school was a trauma for me, the arts education I received while there probably saved my life.  An elementary music teacher spotted that I was not adjusting to the new school setting well and she and the art teacher made extra time to pull me out of class and have me "help" in their … Continue reading Arts


I'm drained from dealing with this current mood state, my family that lives with me is drained, and my mood is circling the drain.  Fantastic.  I'm mentally fatigued from anxiety and racing thoughts but also from not sleeping well and waking up before the sun. My body doesn't feel tired though so it's hard to … Continue reading Drained


Today is a day for relaxing. I don't have any special plans, nothing I must do. Spending a little bonding time with my Mom and working to distract myself from how anxious I am about trying to sleep tonight already. It's early afternoon and I'm already worried about after-dark.  I may attempt some kind of … Continue reading Rest