My inheritance…

I told my grandmother when I was a little girl that the only thing I really wanted to inherit from her was her chandelier. She wrote it in her book that she left to my grandpa that she wanted me to have it. Today, we went and took it down. It was bittersweet. I’m just … Continue reading My inheritance…

This smile

I’m going to miss this warm smile most of all. That and how he loved my grandmother. No question he just beamed when he was with her. I miss both of them more than I can say. Almost more than my heart can take. My only consolation is that I will see them again one … Continue reading This smile

I feel numb

I can’t seem to unlock my emotions. I am just numb. I should be terribly sad. I guess. I have been terribly sad. Now that my grandpa is gone, I’m just… unable to access it. I feel a little reckless. I’m not sleeping well, or at least regular hours. I am grieving I guess, but … Continue reading I feel numb


My mom got me this rosary several years ago. I don’t remember the occasion, and it’s really not all that important now. My grandparents were Catholic and my mom and stepdad are Catholic. I was baptized Catholic, but my Dad had more to say about my religious upbringing, and so I grew up in a … Continue reading Traditions