Sad for people…

My parents are on vacation for my stepdad’s birthday. My mom, as usual, was very sick and anxious before they left, and my stepdad almost canceled the trip. Mom called me last night, now that they’ve made the first leg of their journey, and was sick and anxious again. She didn’t think she could go … Continue reading Sad for people…

My mom is okay!!

My mom went to the emergency room last night because she thought something might be wrong with her heart. Thankfully, she went through all of the testing snd she is okay. I am so grateful! I was very worried. I am still worried about my friend who continues to be ill, but I can’t really … Continue reading My mom is okay!!

Road trip!

I rode along with my friend’s BFF, (who also happens to be my friend as well), up so she could visit my friend in the hospital. My friend can only have one visitor, so I’m chilling in the car, but it’s all good. I didn’t want the BFF friend to make this entire drive alone. … Continue reading Road trip!


Maybe you’ll see it’s not about me and all that I do has always been you. Crying all night tired of the fight Tears made of blood We’re stuck in the mud. And honey I’d tear down every wall Unlock every chain and Fight every man in this small town But, baby I fear we’re … Continue reading breakdown