It’s here!!!!!! I’m so excited!!! We have a ton of cooking to do for tomorrow, so I think we are opening presents today. Honestly, the anticipation of giving the gifts I got people is killing me, so I’m all for that. I want to just revel in the Christmas spirit. I love it. It’s more … Continue reading Eve.


That’s me. Looking like a dork. I made this ridiculous cake for my birthday. I have to have strawberry cake, which no one else likes, on my birthday. I guess I probably like other kinds of cakes better, but strawberry is tradition. It’s pink. The best part was, I put little sugar pearls on it … Continue reading Strawberry.


I have been doing DBT therapy now for like a month and a half maybe? Maybe two months. Not sure. Anyway, it’s caused me to replay a lot of things and decide whether I really know these skills or not that they teach in skills group. It turns out, I totally do. I mean, I … Continue reading Rewinding.


I have a birthday that falls right around Christmas. I used to absolutely hate it because people combined my gifts and I didn’t get a special day during the rest of the year. Now that I’m older, I am really not about receiving gifts as much. I would rather give them and watch people’s’ eyes … Continue reading Birthdays.


I aced both classes this semester!!! I don’t plan on continuing with the program, but it will seriously help when I apply to another program later on. So there’s that. I’m also really proud of myself for sticking it out and not dropping the classes or deciding that a 3.0 was good enough and not … Continue reading Aced.


I’m starting to get really excited about Christmas. I have presents for some people and I have a little bit of shopping left to do. I like being an elf! I was so distracted by school that I was not getting into the holiday spirit, but I’m definitely there now. It’s hard because most people … Continue reading Elf.


In the whole scheme of things, I’m feeling okay. Pretty well, actually. I mean, the last semester was terrible, and I am still kind of reeling from it, but it could definitely be worse. I am still here. I made it. I’m pretty sure, though not positive, I aced both classes. I am excited about … Continue reading Well.


I’ve realized that I was totally traumatized by this past semester. I was so stressed out. I hated most of what I was studying. I really hated the way that the people in my cohort and my professors shamed people all of the time who didn’t think exactly down the line of how they thought … Continue reading After.

I did it!

I finished my paper, thereby finishing my last class this semester. I did NOT think I was going to make it this semester. I literally wanted to die most of September. I made it. It’s a big deal. I’m super proud of me. Image from Pexels.


I saw this on Facebook and had an immediate reaction to it. Ouch. I think I’ve done this before. I hope I don’t do it as much. I just thought I’d share. Image from Facebook.