Midday: 11/20

I feel like I'm doing pretty well on my goals. I got the bathroom straightened up and my case management appointment went really well. I am less irritable and less "stormy" than I was this morning now that I've been out and about, so that has helped. The headache I had earlier seems to have … Continue reading Midday: 11/20



Bipolar Depression makes me feel like I'm in toxic Sludge. It's hard to get thoughts out clearly, and it's even harder to keep moving throughout my day. It's mentally and physically exhausting. Any child of the 80's (or earlier) will get this reference: For anyone who doesn't, they are stuck in the swamp of sadness … Continue reading Wasteland

Goals: 11/20

My goals today are pretty simple, but nonetheless important: Straighten up bathroom before afternoon. Go to case management appointment. Maintain a watchfulness over irritability today because I think that is going to be a player. Try to keep this headache at the level it's at and not let it get worse. I was going to … Continue reading Goals: 11/20


I feel as though I'm walking around in this dim sort of light. The sun has faded and yet I can still make my way around well enough to accomplish the things that I need to for the most part. There are stressful things happening in my life right now, grandpa is sick for example, … Continue reading Dusk