This requires a TW: SUICIDE This is also LONG. I realized I have yet to tell my "diagnosis story" with any kind of detail. Here goes. I think I really started showing symptoms by age 11 or 12. I can remember crying at night with my Mom for no reason. I blamed family members, I … Continue reading Beginning

I’m awake!

I am up and at ‘em! I got my coffee and got my bathroom clean enough for the housekeeping company to come (my mom makes me clean it before they come because she just wants them to scrub the stuff, not have to pick it up). I have Christmas presents to wrap and things to … Continue reading I’m awake!


I would show you an actual picture of mine, but frankly, it was not anywhere near as pretty as this one. Ha! Trigger warning ⚠️ eating disorder content!! ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ I mixed nonfat Greek yogurt, skim milk (I used to do almond milk when I was in the throes of my ED, but … Continue reading Smoothies!

Just a day

It’s a day like any other I guess. The only real difference is I’m laying here crying and afraid. I don’t know what I’m going to do about this pancreatitis thing. I’m terrified. I literally can’t eat without being in pain and sometimes being in pain so bad that I just can’t take it. I … Continue reading Just a day

Score! Finally!

No joke I’ve been trying to get a dentist appointment for a year. I need fillings. They don’t hurt, but I need them and I’ve been wanting to take care of them. It’s impossible to get into the clinic that takes my insurance. Not kidding. Every time I call they tell me they are booked … Continue reading Score! Finally!