Hospitals are boring…

No joke. I can’t sleep well because I’m in pain and so uncomfortable from the extreme nausea that I feel. The time is just ticking by so slowly. My mom has been up to visit, but they are only allowing one visitor for the duration of my stay, and she doesn’t have the stamina to … Continue reading Hospitals are boring…

Pancreatitis again, seriously?

I am waiting to find out if I am staying in the hospital. I have pancreatitis again. I don’t know if they will let me because of Covid and everything going on, but I feel really bad. I can’t hold anything down and I can’t really take anything to keep anything down. It’s a mess. … Continue reading Pancreatitis again, seriously?

You know what?

It would be nice if I was wanted somewhere. I mean, not trying to whine, just saying. Apparently, I’m a huge pain in the rear end or not pleasant to be around or too fat to be in the presence of or whatever. So... Yeah. I wish I had a place that felt like “home,” … Continue reading You know what?

I got it!

I got my first covid vaccine! I kind of have a headache, but I took some ibuprofen and it seems to have abated a little. I am happy to have this first round out of the way. I have to sit through an hour of the dentist today and I am not in the mood … Continue reading I got it!

Trying to be.

That’s it. Just trying to be present. I’m currently not doing a very good job. My knee hurts like all get out. I don’t know what to do with it. I mean, no one will do surgery on it because it’s just trashed and I’m too young for replacement so I am just supposed to … Continue reading Trying to be.