Waiting for kids to show up. It's only 5:30, so only the tiniest ones would be out yet, but I'm thinking turnout might be small on my street this year. That's okay, though. I still had fun getting things ready and hopefully we have at least one kid. That will make it worth it. My … Continue reading Trick-or-Treat


This is the entirety of my costume this year. It's supposed to be Harley Quinn from the DC Universe. I realize there is more than a little stigma attached to her and the Joker, but I just like her. What can I say? I am only really dressing up a little to pass out stuff … Continue reading Costume


Sometimes, the best communicating can only be done face to face. Actually, I think that is often the way it goes. I had a sort of misunderstanding with someone that was not going to be solved with a phone call. I think we are okay now. I hope so. I really can't handle any more … Continue reading Facetime


I went to the Alice Cooper concert last night with someone I've known for almost twenty years. He was an old friend from college and he literally just had an extra ticket. It was really nice of him to offer it to me since we just talk on fb about politics and people we used … Continue reading Fallout


I am at an Alice Cooper concert waiting for it to start! A friend from college had tickets and invited me. It was really nice of him. We haven't seen each other for probably a decade, but we talk on Facebook pretty regularly, and he's a solid friend. I'm so excited. This is the kind … Continue reading Cooper!!!!!

Panicky 😞

I'm stuck feeling sad and nothing is helping. I'm starting to feel desperate and panicky. I see providers on Thursday, but that feels like forever from now. I'm trying to keep it together. Ugh. This is so hard. Image from Pexels.


This is my childhood teddy bear. He's probably absorbed more tears throughout my life than I care to think about. I use several things for comfort, but one of the most distressing things I use is food. When I am stressed out and deeply unsettled, I will seek out comforting foods in order to try … Continue reading Comfort