I'm all over the place for the past while. I don't understand what the hell is going on. This kind of cycling is not the norm for me but I think it has been a pattern now since January. I'm not okay with it. There are some very un-okay things going on. Like my ability … Continue reading Bouncyball


There are days when the anxiety is so high that I feel like I am clinging to the ceiling like Spider-Man. Today is one of those days.  It was precipitated by some things that, despite my desire to be fully open here, I am just not going to divulge. One of those fun and dark … Continue reading Spider-Kim


That is the Sesame Street word of the day! I am weary. As in tired and over this crap. I feel awful physically and emotionally today.  I am not successfully camouflaging that from anyone either. Usually I have a better grip on things. I kind of even slipped in an email just out of frustration … Continue reading Weary


I'm just kind of overwhelmed today by all of the awfulness in the world. I get this way sometimes. Today there is another story about someone getting killed in the largest subsidized housing complex in town. It happens there a lot. It makes me sad. It scares me for personal reasons to, but it also … Continue reading Injustice


Since it's late for me and I really just wanted to get this blog project off the ground to improve my sanity, I will leave this link here from an interview I gave describing the details of the hassles that life with bipolar disorder has entailed.  I will fill in some gaps as we go along, but … Continue reading Briefly 


Bipolar Disorder is much more complicated than being moody or having mood swings. It is also known as Manic Depression and is known for those two abnormal mood states.  This post actually is mostly pulled from that ancient and dusty blog I mentioned, so bear with it.  The resources and links posted are current. Hypomania … Continue reading Definitions