I didn’t do anything to celebrate Halloween this year. I usually paint a pumpkin and get excited about passing out treats to the littles, but it just didn’t happen this year. I’m a little bummed about it if I’m honest. It’s just like another sign that I’m officially getting old. I also didn’t do anything … Continue reading Nothing.


For real. Now in Michigan you have to give your name and phone number to your waiter when you go out to eat in case they need to contact trace. Riiighht. I can think of about 196 people I can be and they can have the governor’s office number for my phone number. Really. I … Continue reading Tracing.


Ugh. I’m now running a small fever. My doctor won’t see me in person so I have to go to the “covid clinic” to be seen even though I just had a negative test. I’m guessing I’m going to get another covid test. Whatever. I get winded walking across the house and my heart pumps … Continue reading Another?


I had a “video visit” with one of the doctors in the practice that I go to. It wasn’t with my doctor or this idiocy would not have happened, (at least I don’t think it would have happened). I told him how I had been feeling super fatigued and how it had come on rather … Continue reading Really??


I’m so tired. Just exhausted. I got my covid results back today and it was negative, but something is wrong. I feel like I’ve been run over flat by a big truck. I have no energy. Maybe it’s “just” a virus, but it’s taking me out. I mean, I’d rather it be that than my … Continue reading Pancake.


I had crazy dreams last night about the apocalypse. I also had dreams that I can’t quite remember... I have memories like that too and I suspect they are from when I was really quite small. I remember specific things from when I was 2 and 3 fairly vividly, but I’m sure I don’t remember … Continue reading Lost.


I am so tired of not being able to fall asleep. Like over it. I take my meds and lay in bed for over an hour every night trying to fall asleep. My body is exhausted, but my brain is still wired. I hate it. On top of that, I wake up in the middle … Continue reading Insomniac.


I am spending my weekend on schoolwork. Should I have gotten this done sooner? Yup! I feel like crap. I have a paper due at the end of this month and I feel like it’s not going to get done on time. I’m so worried about it now that I don’t feel well. I’m dizzy … Continue reading Weekend


I slept until noon today because I was exhausted. I don’t know what’s wrong. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I have homework and a quiz this weekend to finish and I’ve read a chapter. Yay me. I have two more chapters and things online to read plus a bunch of videos … Continue reading Unmotivated


I met with one of the social workers at the place where I’m going to do DBT today to do my treatment plan. Fun stuff. I don’t really enjoy that process, and I suspect the social workers don’t really love it either. I mean, it’s helpful and useful and good, but it’s not especially entertaining. … Continue reading Planning.