Football 🏈

It's college football day. I have been watching different games all day with my family and most of them have been ridiculous. I watched Ohio State completely destroy the University of Michigan today. As an alumnus of the other large state school in Michigan, it's hard to determine which team I dislike more. As a … Continue reading Football 🏈


Today is "Black Friday." It's the day when retailers traditionally "go into the black" or start making a profit for the year. Blah. I did not go shopping today. I usually don't. I am not a fan of crowds. I'm feeling a little dark myself, actually. Not really a shock if you read my blog … Continue reading Black


Apparently uncommon side effects of azithromycin are "nervousness" and "agitation." Wow. Living there right now. I'm like a wiggle worm and I am struggling hard not to be grumpy and difficult because I am so uncomfortable. Scratch this one off of the list of future meds I am willing to take. No thanks. It's almost … Continue reading Wiggle


I have a wicked ear infection and it's driving me up the wall. It really hurts. I'm a little frustrated because I tried to tell my primary care a couple of weeks ago that my ear felt funny, but he blew me off. Now I have a "really bad" ear infection that hurts so very … Continue reading Ear


It's Thanksgiving here in the States. It's tradition to have a gratitude list today. I am thankful for (in no particular order): My loved ones of course. Without them I wouldn't be me. My relatively good health. Living where I do in the time period I do. Women in some places in the world aren't … Continue reading Thanksgiving


I made this tonight! Well, I made everything but the pie crust because I'm lazy. I bought that. I totally made the filling though. I think it turned out awesome. It's a maple-pecan pie and it's a recipe I got from my aunt. I should have brought the recipe to the room I'm in so … Continue reading Woo-hoo!


My niece turned five yesterday and her party was today. I went. For twenty minutes. I really didn't feel up to it because I was exhausted, and because I was just feeling completely overstimulated by all of the activity around me. I'm pretty sure my cousin hates me at this moment for not staying (it's … Continue reading Five


Thanksgiving is coming up here in the US, which kind of officially kicks off the holiday season. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a sort of stressful time. I get nostalgic and excited about the holidays and build up a lot of expectations that never pan out. I always want to do more … Continue reading Holidaze


I feel sick. Again. Or still. Not sure. I've had a migraine for several days and my stomach has been screwed up since Wednesday morning. I'm feeling so worn out. I'm beyond tired of feeling like crap. I'm sure my mood is not helping, but I just feel not well. I am in real physical … Continue reading Worn


So much red tape! I'm glad I did the regular admissions application. Yesterday, the registrar told me I didn't have to do the regular application because I needed to do a readmission application since I was a previous student. Yeah. Wrong. The department requires that I do a full-on new app because it's been longer … Continue reading Goodness