Glow up!

I thought, instead of putting up some picture of me in a hospital or me with a feeding tube (!!), I’d put up a pic of me today with actual makeup on. As much as I’m still trying to process my hospital experience and living with this chronic pancreatitis thing, I’m also not going to … Continue reading Glow up!


I’m getting out of the hospital very soon! Within just a couple of hours! I’m so happy! I can’t wait! I feel like a new person. I have been feeling terrible for so long, and I finally feel better! Even one of the nurses who took care of me on this floor on an earlier … Continue reading Yaaaaaaayyyyy!


I went to the dentist this morning and it wasn’t bad. I actually love my dentist, I’m just afraid of going. I am struggling with serious nausea today and I feel pretty wretched. I am, (ironically), out to lunch with my friend who took me to the dentist. I ordered a side salad and a … Continue reading Lunchtime

So weak!

I feel like a little fawn who is just starting to learn to stand up. My legs are so shaky. I was in that hospital bed for like nine days and didn’t move for another two when I got home because I just slept. I am trying to go downstairs to the kitchen more to … Continue reading So weak!

Feeding tube?

Okay. So, every little thing that hits my stomach puts me in extreme pain. Like I want to scream and cry. I tried to eat cream of wheat today and I just about doubled over. I worked really hard at not throwing it up. I am beyond frustrated. Then the doctor comes in today and … Continue reading Feeding tube?