Tired of tired

I’m so tired of being tired. I don’t know what’s wrong. I keep running this really low grade temp and just feeling gross. The headaches finally went away, but I just don’t feel well. I scheduled another covid test for tomorrow because I did sit in an ER with my friend for three days waiting … Continue reading Tired of tired

Wish me luck!!!

It’s orientation day! I’m kind of, (or a lot), freaked out. First, I hate zoom. Second, I read through the agenda, but I’m still not really sure what to expect. I am glad that it’s all in one day instead of some drawn out three day thing like the program I was in last year. … Continue reading Wish me luck!!!

Two day migraine

I feel like crap. Based on what my friends have said about breakthrough covid infections, I’m starting to be concerned. At least one of my vaccinated friends said that she basically just had a wicked headache for a bunch of days. She wouldn’t have known if she hasn’t gotten tested. In any case, I cannot … Continue reading Two day migraine

Wild week

I’ve been spending most of my time in bed since I got out of the hospital a month ago. I talked to my therapist and she and I agreed that it was mostly due to depression even through it’s not the way depression usually presents in me. This week, things spun out though because I … Continue reading Wild week