Unmotivated today

I was going to get stuff done today, I swear. I planned on it, but the day just took a left turn. I know it’s because I was up too late last night. I slept until two in the afternoon today and then I didn’t feel like doing anything. Ugh. I tried to pump caffeine … Continue reading Unmotivated today

Migraine day!

I successfully made it to my hair and therapy appointments today, but I am definitely getting a migraine. I have been exhausted all day and now my head is feeling like it’s between a vice. I took some migraine medication, so I’m hoping that helps. I wanted to clean in my closet today, but I … Continue reading Migraine day!

A shower!

I finally crawled into the shower today. It took SO much effort. I did it so I could meet a friend today. And so I could go to my therapy appointment tomorrow. I took the shower and visited with my friend for an hour and a half and now I am literally toast. I am … Continue reading A shower!

Finally home

I am finally home from the hospital. After all of that, they still don’t know what happened or why I got so sick. They kind of chalk it up to pancreatitis, but they don’t really know. It’s super annoying. Regardless, I still feel like crap, but I’m home feeling that way instead of laying in … Continue reading Finally home

Big storms!

We had some nasty storms last night I guess. I didn’t notice them because I was in the hospital and my window looks out onto a courtyard thing, instead of fully outside. Thank goodness. I’m pretty scared of storms so I am not a fan. Anyway, a bunch of people I know lost power last … Continue reading Big storms!