Eyes πŸ‘€

My eyes are bloodshot from coughing so hard. It's fantastic. I look like I've been smoking something way more fun than a cigarette, (and I'm trying really hard not to smoke those). I went to urgent care again because I felt so much worse, and this time I got a double-dose of antibiotics and a … Continue reading Eyes πŸ‘€

Sick! 😷

Kleenex is my life right now. I have bronchitis apparently. All I know is I feel like crap and I want to cry. My world is spinny and my eyes are bloodshot from coughing. Ugh. I'm so glad I spent a week on steroids so that I could feel like this. Yay. Image from Pexels.


The universe is determined that I can only get 3.5 hours of sleep no matter what I do. I have the time to get more sleep. That's not the problem. I went to bed early. No. Instead, I woke up coughing my head off so badly that I had to throw up. Probably too much … Continue reading 3.5!!!!


My mind is flying. It's moving so fast, I'm having a hard time keeping up. I've been taking my benzos to try to knock it down, but I think they are just keeping things at a dull roar. I only slept for 3 hours last night and I didn't manage a nap today. I'm taking … Continue reading Racer


Ah there it is. That agitated mixed feeling from the steroids. I'm arguing with random strangers on Facebook again. Never a good sign. I'm restless and pacing and sucking down coffee. I'm sure that is not helping. I just realized I should take my PRN anxiety meds to help calm it down. My heart is … Continue reading Battles


It's amazing how a walk can clear my head. I only walked for a mile today, and it was kind of interrupted by errands, but it was still good for me. The weather is beautiful for walking and I managed to still keep it under 20 minutes even though I was just kind of moseying. … Continue reading Clearing


I'm yawning like this polar bear. It's early. I didn't sleep very well last night, so I can see a nap in my future, (hopefully). I am looking forward to a low-key day and figuring out some things. My cousin is still waffling on whether she can make the move or not, so I'm now … Continue reading Early


My case manager reminded me that it's assessment and treatment plan time again. This is an annual hell that I have to go through in order for my services to continue. I hate it. Essentially, my case manager has to assess my functioning in nearly every area of my life. She's always accurate, but it's … Continue reading Assessment


I knew not to get too excited about my cousin coming back up here. They decided today that they aren't. I'm trying not to be devastated. I was really looking forward to having my cousin and her family back. This sucks. If I weren't already vulnerable from these stupid ass steroids, I'd probably handle this … Continue reading Crushed