An article came out earlier this month describing how Carrie Fisher handled a producer who sexually harassed a friend of hers. It’s pretty amazing. I aspire to have half of her spunk.  You can read the article in the Washington Post here. 



I need some rest in the worst way. I got maybe two or three hours of sleep last night and I am exhausted.  It’s super hard to sleep with this monitor thing because I am worried about the leads popping off (one did during the solid 1.5 hours I did get last night). I couldn’t … Continue reading Rest 


It seems perfectly acceptable to still make Ghoulish references to mental health on Halloween. You can see it in the costumes on offer this year: The straight up offensive straight jacket: The "side show psycho": The "sexy psycho": At some point we need to acknowledge that this is just as unacceptable as dressing as a cancer … Continue reading Lunatics 


Ghost A ghost swept up in the breeze  like a  plastic sack swirling in the  fall gusts with the leaves  until it finds the unlucky someone it belongs to and haunts  the person’s  dreams.  Art by me.

Meatloaf #2

I went to the grocery store today despite being exhausted and having this monitor thing that has a cord sticking out that may or may not make me look like a suicide bomber because my stepdad is at the store like every day and I felt guilty.  Okay. Fine. I am full of whining today … Continue reading Meatloaf #2


Well I have this holter monitor thing on. I have to leave it for 48 hours so that it can tell if my heart is doing wonky things. It is this tiny cell phone sized thing with a cord that sticks out that runs wires onto leads on my chest.  Here’s the monitor: I have … Continue reading Monitor