IVs and CTs, and Labs, Oh My!

I had to get another ct scan this morning. I am exhausted and tired of being in the hospital. I really just want the pain and nausea to stop. My ct scan shows gastritis. Woo hoo. That is not really a problem worthy of a hospital stay, or worthy of my symptoms I don’t think, … Continue reading IVs and CTs, and Labs, Oh My!

Stupid stupid stupid head….

…that’s me. I’ve been so sick for three weeks. I totally lost my cool today on the hospital staff because they have this unit attached to the er that has rooms with no windows and suite-style shared bathrooms. I hate this. It sounded like they were talking about me during their shift in the hallway. … Continue reading Stupid stupid stupid head….


I went to the dentist this morning and it wasn’t bad. I actually love my dentist, I’m just afraid of going. I am struggling with serious nausea today and I feel pretty wretched. I am, (ironically), out to lunch with my friend who took me to the dentist. I ordered a side salad and a … Continue reading Lunchtime

So weak!

I feel like a little fawn who is just starting to learn to stand up. My legs are so shaky. I was in that hospital bed for like nine days and didn’t move for another two when I got home because I just slept. I am trying to go downstairs to the kitchen more to … Continue reading So weak!

Still here…

It’s Saturday and I’m still in the hospital. I am still on a clear liquid diet as well. Haven’t really progressed very far. I did get into the shower today though because it had been a week, so yay for that. My hospital room has two windows so it’s very nice and I am blessed … Continue reading Still here…