If you are the kind of person who prays, I would really appreciate some for tomorrow. If you are not, I am content with warm wishes and good feels sent my way. I am having a medical thing done tomorrow that requires anesthesia for a while and that's always scary. It's essentially a minor surgery … Continue reading Scared

Goals: 1/31

I need to get this neurology appointment done. I am meeting with an old friend type person. I am getting the heck home and returning this rental car. I need to change the sheets on my bed and put the last little bit of laundry away. I kind of slept like crap last night so … Continue reading Goals: 1/31


The next two days are like a mini Conveyor belt of stress and anxiety in my life. I made it to the town where my out-of- town neurology appointment is today, but it was nerve racking with the high winds and all of the traffic. I used to make this drive all of the time, … Continue reading Stress!


I have been having some of the strangest and sometimes the scariest dreams again. I can only assume it's anxiety related because there's no other explanation right now. There's no new medication, no new other things, so it has to be anxiety. Sometimes I'm a direct person in the dream and sometimes I am this … Continue reading Dreaming


Well, I got a nap and my Irritability just dropped back down to anxiety again. Yay. Really I hate being irritable and so whatever, but anxious is no real picnic either. I'm anxious about having to drive tomorrow early in potential snow bands. I am anxious about this procedure thing on Thursday that requires anesthesia … Continue reading Anxious


I woke up late and apparently on the wrong side of the bed. I kind of have a headache, which honestly waking up as late as I did should have warned me about. I have been interrogated about appointments I've had that I'd rather just keep to myself by my mom. I'm working with my … Continue reading Late

Goals: 1/30

This will be short because I'm running short on time this morning. I have an appointment soon and then I have to finish my laundry situation. I also have to grab a rental car so I can get to my out of town appointment because my car will not make the trip and I need … Continue reading Goals: 1/30


I look back at my time in college (which for me was most of my 20's), and I realize how functional and dysfunctional those years were. I operated on a frenetic pace much of the time, largely because I spent huge swaths of that decade in some form of hypomania or mania, but I still … Continue reading 20’s


Apparently this quote is following me around this week. It's been thematic. It started with the art class and me being terrified to go and going and being glad I did. I went to the game night at church not really knowing what to expect, but had a great time. I went to church again … Continue reading Messages