I’m here. Awake. At almost one o’clock in the morning. Yay. I am not excited about it. I’m really anxious about my appointment with my gastroenterologist in the morning. It’s a virtual appointment, but it’s still an appointment and I don’t know what he’s going to say about me having been in the hospital so … Continue reading Elusive


I’m kind of happy today. I went and got labs done and I was nervous because my gastroenterologist ordered an A1C test to check and see if I was starting to develop diabetes because of all of my pancreatic issues. Good news! I’m not! I was worried. I put it off until the last possible … Continue reading Win!

All of them…

What jobs have you had? Honestly, I have had so many different occupations in my lifetime. Bartender was my favorite, not so much for the serving of alcohol, but for the community and meeting people of all walks of life. I’ve worked customer service in a zillion different kinds of ways from a literal sense … Continue reading All of them…


I absolutely do not want to sound ungrateful, because I am just grateful to not have to be taking care of these symptoms by myself anymore, but this unit that they have me in is like packing people in sardine cans. My room is maybe 8x8, has no windows, and a shared bathroom with the … Continue reading Sardines


I ate some spaghetti last night for dinner. Not very much, and it was mostly noodles and sauce. Anyway, I was nauseated all night long and just felt terrible. It was the first time I deviated from my “bananas, toast, jello and cereal” diet in several days. I guess my stomach wasn’t ready. I ate … Continue reading Stuck

Need motivation

I have been living on bananas and Honey Nut Cheerios without milk. I have no energy and I feel awful. I desperately need a shower and to do some self care things that have been lacking. Maybe paint my nails or something. I just feel yucky. My lovely friend who lives in North Carolina sent … Continue reading Need motivation


I have been crying all morning. I have no idea how to manage pancreatitis at home. I woke up dry heaving and feeling terrible. I don’t feel terrible “enough” to go back to the emergency room I guess, but I feel pretty awful. I am freezing, but I don’t have a fever. I am running … Continue reading Trying…