Why is the world so ugly?

Some of you might think this picture is beautiful, but that really isn’t the point. Why is the world so awful right now? It’s impossible to turn on the television without seeing something horrific. It’s not just the war in Ukraine. It’s everything. Every show I watch, every movie, it’s all gross, or violent, or … Continue reading Why is the world so ugly?

Can’t stop the racing thoughts…

…and it’s super annoying. Why are my thoughts racing when I’m horrifically depressed? I’m assuming it’s some kind of mixed depression thing. I’m also having a hard time sleeping most nights. Then sometimes I sleep so much I can’t get myself to wake up when I need to. So who knows? I just know that … Continue reading Can’t stop the racing thoughts…


I suppose my last post makes me look callous and uncaring. There’s so much history and backstory missing from that post. Stuff I can’t really divulge on this blog because it’s not entirely anonymous and because I am not out to harm anyone. I’m just feeling all the feels today. Bear with me. Image from … Continue reading Sorry

I bailed.

I was supposed to go to a football game today with one of my close friends. It would have involved me driving a couple hours both ways and being in a huge crowd, (obviously). I didn’t think I could do it. So I bailed. I have been so sick from anxiety that nothing makes it … Continue reading I bailed.

EMDR anyone?

My therapist and I have talked about me trying EMDR to help with my PTSD trauma/symptoms from my friend’s suicide attempt. I don’t know a lot about it honestly. Can anyone who knows something or had any experience with it tell me about it?? Thanks!! Image from Pexels.