I’m here. Awake. At almost one o’clock in the morning. Yay. I am not excited about it. I’m really anxious about my appointment with my gastroenterologist in the morning. It’s a virtual appointment, but it’s still an appointment and I don’t know what he’s going to say about me having been in the hospital so … Continue reading Elusive

It’s a good day!

I am feeling pretty awesome today! Not manic, just finally not sick and not really in a funk. I showered, shaved my legs, put on a dress, and even blow dried my hair! I am meeting a good friend for lunch and I’ve been looking forward to this lunch for a while. I also have … Continue reading It’s a good day!


What fears have you overcome and how? This is a picture I posted on my blog back in 2017. It shows where someone dig into the window casement and pried the window open. I was sooo freaked out (they ran away when I came back into the room). Anyway, I had been afraid of people … Continue reading Boogeymen

Therapy today!

I essentially missed therapy last week since I was in the hospital. I mean, I made contact with her, but I was on meds and just trying to negotiate with doctors and things, (and was pretty angry with everything going on), so I didn’t really talk to her long. I really need therapy today. I’m … Continue reading Therapy today!

Hot streak

It’s 89° here today. It was the same yesterday and and the day before. It’s supposed to be hot again tomorrow (that’s like 32°C for the rest of you). Anyway, I’m tired it. We have air conditioning at home, but it is really too hot to go anywhere and something about the barometric pressure when … Continue reading Hot streak

All of them…

What jobs have you had? Honestly, I have had so many different occupations in my lifetime. Bartender was my favorite, not so much for the serving of alcohol, but for the community and meeting people of all walks of life. I’ve worked customer service in a zillion different kinds of ways from a literal sense … Continue reading All of them…


I absolutely do not want to sound ungrateful, because I am just grateful to not have to be taking care of these symptoms by myself anymore, but this unit that they have me in is like packing people in sardine cans. My room is maybe 8x8, has no windows, and a shared bathroom with the … Continue reading Sardines