Day 18

Our illustrious governor has extended the stay at home order until the end of the month. Three more weeks! It doesn't sound like she has a rational plan for opening things up after that time is up either. I'm not sure she's going to. I think she might just extend the time. I may lose … Continue reading Day 18

Day 17

Are we ever going to return to "normal?" Is life ever going to look the same? I'm starting to think not. I don't know how to begin to grieve that. I'm really sad this morning. Yesterday was a tough day for a multitude of reasons. I need to shower. I need to run to the … Continue reading Day 17


There's a cold front blowing in and it's getting windy. It will start raining soon. I'm currently watching a squirrel precariously perched on a swaying fragile branch in between the swirling tendrils of smoke from my cigarette. It makes me think about how tenuous things have become in the last month. I feel like that … Continue reading Winds

Day 16

Trying to make a routine in this silly mess is hard. I'm still feeling overwhelmed by everything, and my friend is sick, (not with COVID), and I'm just plain freaked out. I don't know what to do. The dishes are piled up past the top of the sink and I started working on them today. … Continue reading Day 16


I hate thunderstorms. Mostly because I am still scared of them from my childhood. They totally freak me out. What can I say? I mean, I no longer sit them out in the basement, but I don't like them. We are under a thunderstorm watch right now and they are saying we could get strong … Continue reading Storms.

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Okay. You guys know I don't use multiple words in my titles, but this is important. There is an awesome workbook you can download for free here. It walks you through all kinds of helpful things and you should definitely check it out if you are struggling like me. ❤️

Day 15

Welcome to the jungle. Reports are that Americans are drinking and smoking pot more. Duh. Gotta do something to pass the time. I'm not super sure that it's a wonderful idea, I'm just saying I get it. I am trying to find things that inspire me. I'm not really succeeding. I do think tomorrow I'm … Continue reading Day 15


The University of Michigan houses the largest study on bipolar disorder in the world. They are always looking for more people to join their study, (as far as I know). You can find more about it here. Anyway, I've been a part of this study for 2 years now, and today is my 2 year … Continue reading Study.


I went for a walk today somewhat against my will. I mean, it was around the block so I didn't go far, but it was a walk. Whatever. I did it. I don't think I'll make three times today, but I went for a walk. My next project, after therapy, is laundry. Then I'm taking … Continue reading Will.

Day 14

It's officially been two weeks of lockdown in my state. I haven't been admitted to a psych ward yet, so that's a plus. I am holding my own this morning. I'm really tired, however. I did some chores last night and this morning. I took a shower yesterday. The news this morning was talking about … Continue reading Day 14