My view from my temporary bed. I'm back in the hospital. The doctor today was wondering if I should even be out of the hospital and I started crying and it snowballed from there. Here I am. I'm hoping they can do a better job with pain control and nausea control than we could do … Continue reading View.

Day 128

Okay, so the governor decided to close bars in the upper peninsula, where there are hardly any cases of coronavirus. Makes sense. She also opened the casinos in Detroit. The hardest hit area of the state. Sure, also makes sense. I mean these things make all kinds of sense if you look at a voting … Continue reading Day 128


I have my appointment with the specialist today and I am truly petrified. I just keep crying. I don't know what I'm going to do if he can't help me. I know I'm catastrophizing, I know I am, but I can't help it. I am afraid of this pain. It's almost unbearable, even with the … Continue reading Afraid.


I now have 800 followers! Yay! Thank you everyone for making that possible! I know I post mostly rants about my day, and lately rants about my governor, but I try to also include other things as well. When I recover my health, I am going to try to include more art and poetry again … Continue reading 800.

Day 128

I wanted to sleep in today, but my cats plaintive cry, (in my face, of course), for breakfast sort of ruined that plan. She decided that 8:30 a.m. was late enough. I disagree, but she has claws, so she wins. I canceled my hair appointment today because I didn't want to be sick at my … Continue reading Day 128

Day 127

Well, it's the first time this quarantine is working in my favor. I have therapy today and the fact that it's teletherapy is handy. I still feel wretched and I don't want to go anywhere, so I'm glad that it's over the phone. I also really need therapy today because I am super freaked out … Continue reading Day 127

Day 126

I went to the doctor today. Thankfully, we haven't shut that down again yet. He helped me out with a couple things and sent me on my way because he thinks that the specialist on Friday will probably order a bunch of labs and tests. My mom came with me because I don't really feel … Continue reading Day 126

Day 125

This counting of days of lockdown has started to morph into something else as of late. I guess that's good. I can't stay mad at the governor forever- although I can say a sock puppet can run against her in two years and I'll be voting for the puppet. Anyway, I have an appointment with … Continue reading Day 125

Day 124

I don't really know what to do. I am still in pain and I feel like I can't ask for any more help because I will look like a drug seeker or something. I do have an appointment at the end of the week with a specialist, but I'm not really holding out too much … Continue reading Day 124

Day 123

Apparently there's a lot of murmuring about taking Michigan back to "phase 3" of reopening. Phase 3 sucked. That was essentially total lockdown. Everything was closed except for drive through and it was difficult to get into medical providers, etc. I really need to see medical providers. My pancreas is not happy. I'll be more … Continue reading Day 123