I didn't burn it!!!!! Yay! Baking is a fun distraction skill. It makes me feel better and makes me feel like I've accomplished something. It keeps me occupied and reduces my anxiety and depression so I'm a huge fan. I don't know why I don't do it more. Anyway, here's the recipe for the banana … Continue reading Bread.

Day 38

Banana bread is in the oven! I used my mom's recipe from the 60's. It's kind of complicated, but it makes really good bread, (if I don't burn it). I am pretty excited about it. I still haven't gotten into the shower, but that's definitely happening today. I have to meet with my therapist today. … Continue reading Day 38

Day 37

I'm working on my zen today. I'm feeling bored and restless and I have so many things to do. The dishes are a disaster. I need a shower, (still). I am stressed because my friend is sick. At least we know it's not Covid. I went to the grocery store yesterday and it took me … Continue reading Day 37

Day 36

There's a bright blue sky this morning. I'm trying to embrace the beauty of it. At least it's not raining... yet. I can see the clouds off to the west so I don't think the blue is going to last for too long. I didn't shower yesterday, so I really have to today. I need … Continue reading Day 36

Day 35

I have teletherapy again today. We are meeting twice a week for now. I like my therapist, but I don't really think she's invested in me much. It's just what I think. I could be wrong. I should probably get back into the shower today. It's supposed to rain for the next four days so … Continue reading Day 35


I am finally getting around to making the chicken noodle soup I planned on this weekend. I have no idea if it will turn out okay because I'm missing ingredients. I had to make do. It's alright though. I mean, it's soup. I'm a little bummed we don't have good bread to go with it, … Continue reading Noodle.


I'm pretty sure if it was socially acceptable to scream as loud as I could for a really long time, I'd feel better. I am straight up losing it today. I don't want to take anxiety meds. I don't want to feel tired. I just want to not be in this loop anymore. AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH! I … Continue reading Screaming.

Day 34

Yay! It's quarantine day again! I slept through the night, which is an accomplishment lately. I didn't restart my mood log like my therapist asked me to, so I need to work on that today. I want to go somewhere today. I don't know where that is, but I want to do something. It rained … Continue reading Day 34