Day 69

Well, I guess no one cares about coronavirus anymore... Instead, we are going to burn our cities to the ground. It's amazing how fast things change. I just want a cabin in the woods. Seriously. This is crazy. Anyway, I have to pretend the country isn't on fire and that my state is not on … Continue reading Day 69


Grand Rapids is out of control. Thank God I don't live downtown there. I am afraid for my country. The restrictions in Michigan have been bad enough. I really don't want to live under Marshal Law. Ugh.

Day 68

There was an egregious murder of a man in Minneapolis by a police officer a few days ago that has sparked riots across the U.S. It's an awful situation. There's a protest/illegal demonstration scheduled today for my town today that I hope doesn't turn violent. Our town's police officers work really hard to be fair … Continue reading Day 68

Day 67

It's a cleaning sort of day. Scrub scrub scrub. I'm helping a friend clean her house. I should probably be working on my situation at home because it's starting to look like a disaster area, but that's here nor there. It's a nice day and I wanted out. That's all for now! Have a good … Continue reading Day 67


It's my third anniversary with WP! I'm sort of stunned that I've been blogging this long. I've had more active periods than others, and more successful periods than others, but generally I'm just happy I've stayed with something for this long. Yay! It started as sort of a "bipolar only" blog, but now I kind … Continue reading Anniversary.

Day 66

Here's my cat guarding the deck from the many birds that flock to the feeders and birdbath. She growls at them and sort of generally checks the perimeter, (although, the birds seem to know she's not much of a threat). It's slightly cooler today, but still very humid, and they are calling for thunderstorms, (my … Continue reading Day 66

Day 65

... Really. I'm just tired. It's just another day in locked down Michigan. Nothing new to report. I need to take a shower tonight. I need to do laundry. I need to clean. I need to finish up some other things to work on finding a new therapist... I know I said I needed a … Continue reading Day 65

Day 64

Last year at this time, I was here. It's a beautiful place in Michigan known as pictured rocks. Everything is still pretty much closed so it's hard to find a hotel up north, (I checked), so going up there isn't really feasible yet. All of the campgrounds are also closed, so there isn't really anywhere … Continue reading Day 64

Day 63

Well, things don't always turn out like you hoped they would. My friend summarily kicked me out of her house. It is the kind of thing that doesn't deserve to even take up the space on my blog, but it feels like it was building anyway. My mom really needs me and I should be … Continue reading Day 63

Day 62

It's a beautiful day outside in southern Michigan. Too bad we are still in the "unfree" part of the state. It's okay though, because it's hot and I'm not really good in warm weather when I'm not at the beach or in the woods, and I can't really do either, so it's mostly a day … Continue reading Day 62