I've felt better. My abdomen hurts. My head hurts from the pain meds for my abdomen. It's kind of ridiculous. I think the effects of the ketamine are starting to wear off because I just don't feel that great emotionally either. I am overwhelmed by all of the appointments that I have next week, and … Continue reading Phooey!


It's so windy here! It's a lot like I just need a little dog and I expect to wake up in a technicolor village full of little people. No joke. At the same time, the unsettled atmosphere matches my mood today. I'm just laying here waiting to hear how my labs came back from this … Continue reading Oz!


Did you think this post was going to be about the ups and downs of bipolar disorder? It very well could have been, given my diagnoses and experiences, but not today. As many of you will know, I had a hysterectomy last week. It did not go as planned. It was, by my doctors' admission, … Continue reading Yo-yo


I am a giant baby about pain. I told my doctor I would be. That said, I have a good 5-6" incision through my abdominal wall. Every time I go to use those muscles, I just about scream. Do you know how often you use those? Any clue? Let's just say that if I am … Continue reading Owie


What's old becomes new and back around again. I am being waited on hand and foot by my parents and others and I feel beyond guilty about that. They are sweet and kind and are going out of their way to help, and I just have to sit here like a bump on a log. … Continue reading Recycle


Okay. I'm a little less overwhelmed with pain medication than I was the last time I tried to explain my surgery. I'll kind of start at the beginning for people and then work my way to today to catch everyone up. I have had intense and debilitating periods since they first started when I was … Continue reading Endometriosis?


My stepdad had gotten me valentines flowers and chocolates as a surprise before surgery. I thought it was really sweet. I didn't have time to post on it before surgery, and I have been kind of out of it since, so this is kind of a belated Valentines' Day post. To be honest, I'm not … Continue reading Surprises


Well, surgery did not go exactly as planned. Forgive me for the multiple spelling errors that we sure to follow as I am a little drugged. Apparently, there were a bunch of complications and she ended up having to cut me open instead of doing it laparoscopically. Just my luck. It HURTS. I don't remember … Continue reading Results


Today is d-day. I have to be at the hospital this afternoon for my hysterectomy. I'm nervous. I have a really good doctor and she assures me everything will be fine. I like the hospital that it's going to be at- they seem to always do right by me and those I care about- and … Continue reading Surgery


Still making this face, but I'm getting things accomplished. Therapy and case management went well this morning. Ran a couple of errands. I have the kitchen started and some clothes in the wash. I paid my bills. I have stuff organized as much as I can think of right now until the laundry is done. … Continue reading Whew!