I cleaned!

I managed to spend some time cleaning my closet. I guess that is part of my room so I can count it as cleaning that space. I also went grocery shopping with my stepdad and hauled everything into the house, so I did my good deeds for the day. It’s cloudy and gross today so … Continue reading I cleaned!

Back from vacay!

I went up north and made a brief trip over to Mackinac Island. I sat in the park and ate brunch and shopped for a new sweatshirt (but didn’t find anything), and I bought fudge, (which the island is famous for), for friends and family. I also just had a lovely time with my cousin’s … Continue reading Back from vacay!

I am scared

I may have been exposed to Covid and I feel a little funky. I’m scared that I might be coming down with it. I scheduled a test for five days from exposure, but I am worried. I don’t want to get anyone in my house sick, and I’m scared to tell them I might have … Continue reading I am scared


For real my mom just banned me from seeing my ex. I’m 42 years old. I’m pretty sure I can set my own damn boundaries. Whatever. I’m am just angry. I don’t know why she can’t let me live my life. This is so annoying. This is the second time this week she has told … Continue reading BANNED