Trying to juggle

I don’t look this cute doing it, I promise. I am trying to juggle a zillion things right now. I need to spend time with some friends. I need to help my cousin in any way that she will let me. I apparently have to have my room clean by Friday night to keep my … Continue reading Trying to juggle

Dodged another bullet!

My cousin is sick, but doesn’t have covid. That means I don’t have covid. I mean, I’m not sick, but still. I really didn’t want it. So yeah. Good news for me! (And her). I am a little frustrated that I made my therapy appointment virtual today, but it was probably good since I am … Continue reading Dodged another bullet!

So sad.

That’s my aunt holding her youngest granddaughter when she was born. I am devastated by her loss, and the loss of her son. I can’t even begin to fathom what my cousin is going through. She says she is “really sad.” That’s saying a lot for my cousin who doesn’t really express emotion much. I … Continue reading So sad.