I should be cleaning and organizing. Instead, I'm curled into a ball. I can't. I am completely fried. I am just done. Maybe a nap or something will help. I'm really tired... Screw anxiety, screw bipolar and screw being crazy. I'm so over it. Image from Pixabay.


I woke up too early today. How is that even possible? Normally, I would curl back up in bed or find something productive to do with myself, but I have to leave for an appointment in an hour so I feel like I don't want to start any projects. I am just kind of twiddling … Continue reading Downtime…


I made art this morning. I used my oil pastels, which I'm not very comfortable with, so I think it's kind of goofy looking, but here it is. The rocks sort of look like a sea monster! Anyway, I said I'd post anything I made because I want to be vulnerable and authentic here, so … Continue reading Beach!!!!


It's 6:30 a.m. here and I'm wide awake. I've been awake since four, actually. If I had gone to sleep before midnight, this wouldn't be a problem, but I couldn't get to sleep last night and I kept waking up this morning. I finally gave in and made coffee. I'm definitely tired from lack of … Continue reading Lack


Does anyone else read/use reddit? I find that it can be an incredibly stressful place. I don't really post there because people are so vicious about even the most minor spelling or grammatical errors. It's hard to get people to see the content of what I am posting beyond the text. There is some useful … Continue reading Reddit


Apparently it's a relatively common thing to end up with vertigo after having an upper respiratory infection. Who knew? I didn't, but I found out last night. One moment I was fine and the next, WHAM! I was losing the contents of my stomach. Repeatedly. I am still feeling super gross, actually. I even went … Continue reading Vertigo!


I have been in a "crisis bubble" for most of this month. What that means in real language is that I need to start managing some things that I have been ignoring like mood charting and some other self-care things. At the same time, I'm kind of proud of myself for keeping up with the … Continue reading Bubble


Facebook reminded me that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my 100lb weight loss. I've only managed to keep 30lbs of it off to date. I couldn't maintain the very unhealthy restrictive diet I was on to lose that weight, and I haven't been able to stay away from junk etc so I haven't … Continue reading Hold…


I made it into the shower this morning!!!! Yay! I am currently waiting for my therapist as well, so I'm just rocking out this morning. I am trying to put things back together. I kind of fell apart there for a second just from feeling sick and getting too run down. I am okay. I … Continue reading Clean!!!!

Effortless… not a word I would use to describe today. I know. Here I am back from hiatus and all I'm doing is whining. That's kind of my schtick though, right? I guess I'm just not feeling very optimistic right now. My friend is struggling. I'm struggling to breathe without hacking my head off. I … Continue reading Effortless…