Due to what was an unfortunate lapse in vigilance on my part, I drank a juice that had sucralose in it yesterday. Oops. I'm stupid allergic to basically any sweetener that isn't sugar or high fructose corn syrup. This means that even stevia is out (it will cause a reaction so significant, I pass out). … Continue reading Steroids


Guess where I spent my afternoon? That's right! In the emergency room. I don't know about you, but I had other things I needed to be doing this afternoon, (like getting my car looked at), so it was kind of a bummer. I did manage to get the oil changed on my car this morning, … Continue reading Really?!


This is my Mom's Dad, (my grandfather), whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. He passed from cancer when my Mom was still pretty young. He fought in the pacific in World War II, although we don't know all of the places he was. One of the pictures he sent home was from Okinawa, … Continue reading Memorial


I went on a tour of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. I took a ton of pictures because it was so beautiful. Some of these cliffs are 200 feet tall! The colors on the rocks are caused by the minerals in the ground water running down the sides of the cliffs. I was honestly surprised … Continue reading Rocks!


These are the Sable falls in the upper peninsula of Michigan. There are tons of waterfalls around here and there has been a lot of rain recently, (one road we tried to go down was washed out), so they are extra pretty right now. Lake Superior was very pretty yesterday as well. It's been gorgeous … Continue reading U.P.


I'm back on the mental health merry-go-round. I see a new therapist today. I'm excited and nervous about it because I really need a new therapist, (even though my old one was really good, she just wasn't meeting my needs anymore). I know myself and I know that it takes me a really long time … Continue reading New!!!


Actual image of me trying to take a nap. Really. It's ridiculous. I'm so tired and in so much pain you'd think my body would just shut down. Nope. It's apparently time to party. I'm so pissed. Whatever. I just want to curl up into a little ball and sleep all day. I need to … Continue reading NAPS!!!!


I got to go to the emergency room last night. Yay me! I did something to my upper back. I have no idea how I injured it, but I was in wicked pain. I couldn't even get out of bed without help. It was awful. They gave me some muscle relaxers and a shot of … Continue reading Spent


My appointment with my therapist went really well. She was very cool about me expressing my needs and even agreed that maybe for right now I need something a little different. I'm so relieved. I was worried. Now just to get hooked up with a new one... Image from pexels.


I'm "firing" my therapist today. That sounds really harsh. I actually like her as a person so it feels kind of gross. I don't feel guilty about doing the best thing for me, but I do kind of worry about hurting her feelings. I don't know if that makes sense. I just think she is … Continue reading Fired