Glow up!

I thought, instead of putting up some picture of me in a hospital or me with a feeding tube (!!), I’d put up a pic of me today with actual makeup on.

As much as I’m still trying to process my hospital experience and living with this chronic pancreatitis thing, I’m also not going to let it destroy my life.

I decided to do a quick makeup test and see where it went.

I am, admittedly, not a “you-tube type expert” when it comes to makeup, (I should probably invest some time and attention into some of those tutorials), but I still think it looks better than my pasty hospital pics…

I’m not sure why I get to have the fun of bipolar and pancreatitis. It doesn’t matter. It is what it is. If I sit around and whine about how unfair it is, it doesn’t change anything and it surely doesn’t move me forward.

I am just going to live my life.

That doesn’t mean I don’t need my faith, my supports, and all of you.

I am just working on living in the moment.

It’s what I’ve got.

Might as well enjoy it.


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