I feel a little like I'm on a spin cycle. I have so many things to do in the next thirty or so days. I really need to get serious about my grad school application. I had nightmares about that last night. It's obviously on my mind. I have to go deal with the rehabilitation … Continue reading Cycle…



I have been working with my therapist on trauma and we have been talking about how a lot of my "symptoms" are really evidence of trauma and less a list of things that support a diagnosis. She explained that it's super common for someone like me to present with a bunch of symptoms and get … Continue reading Trauma?


I'm feeling that itch again to do something. I want to help my community somehow. I think this means I need to find a place to volunteer. Sounds so simple, but I don't know where I want to do that. I tried reaching out to an organization a while ago that I thought would be … Continue reading Community

Cake 🍰

Went to therapy today and felt a little superficial. That's why Marie Antoinette is the photo today. I can't really explain why I couldn't get under the surface. I mean, I sort of did. We talked about the book I read last week that she gave me on emotionally absent mothers and how much I … Continue reading Cake 🍰


I'm realizing that while I feel like emotional and physical crap right now, it's not as bad as it could be. I think it's because I have some new umbrellas to help me deal with some of this. First, I'm not automatically assuming that this is a depressive episode. It could be. It doesn't have … Continue reading Umbrellas


As I sift through old blog posts, I'm reminded that I'm only a breath away from being that person I was just over three years ago. That thought terrifies me. I read those posts and, while I can remember writing them, it feels like someone else. It's hard to look back and remember how I … Continue reading Fears…


I saw a post on Facebook this morning that made me think. It essentially said something like, "I'd rather see people who are kind and have learned through things in their life than people who have become tough and hard through them." I tend to agree. I have not been through as many things as … Continue reading Tough


I am making chicken noodle soup right now and it smells amazing. I forgot that I liked to cook when I have time and can do it from scratch. It is a good self-care thing today because I'm feeling insecure and anxious for whatever reason. They say chicken soup is good for the soul. Maybe, … Continue reading Soup!


I feel like I'm on a carnival ride today. My head is spinning from all the congestion. I have a new prescription for more steroids, albeit at a lower dose, so that should help knock this crud out or at least keep me moving anyway. I am making chicken noodle soup today for the house … Continue reading Spinny


I know that I'm a work in progress. I'm trying really hard. Lots of things have been changing around me. Aside from the dramatic changes in my environment, I'm getting used to med changes and changes with my providers. I still see my therapist once a week and that's really helpful, but I now see … Continue reading D-r-a-g-g-i-n-g