I may detest the heat, but I love July. Not only is the Fourth of July my favorite holiday, (I'm such an American), but the lightning bugs come out!!! In other parts of the U.S. people call them "fireflies," which I always thought was a little more romantic, even though I grew up calling them … Continue reading Fireflies



I'm lousy at celebrating the good in my life. The truth is, it's rarely all bad. I'm very lucky to have people who love me. I'm lucky to have a strong support team. I am usually able to advocate for myself. I am stronger than I give myself credit for. The evidence of that is … Continue reading Good


I was reminded that I need to break my larger goals into smaller things so I don't get so overwhelmed. I realized that I was so focused on the end-result that I was paralyzing myself. I do that. I just need to take smaller bites. At first I thought that meant I need to start … Continue reading Smaller


Did you know that in the US most colleges and universities have a disability accommodations office? Defining disability for educational purposes is not the same as defining it for the social security system. Usually, these offices simply require some kind of documentation from your doctor or your high school stating your diagnosis, (they have to … Continue reading Accommodations


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I tend to think every month should be an awareness month for mental health, but I'm glad that there is an awareness month to draw attention to the issue. Somehow, I feel a little less alone when I see everyone posting about awareness month and I think that others … Continue reading May


....and about in the glorious sunshine. It's only 60°F here, but it's wonderful. I'm so happy to have another day of sun. It was so gloomy here for so long that I really think that played a part in my mood. Today is the first day I can say that maybe my mood is lifting … Continue reading Out….


There's no place like home. I got home late the night before last, and it is nice to be back. I had hoped that the trip would be a reset, and on the trip I wasn't certain it was helping much, other than it was nice to see my Georgia family, but I do feel … Continue reading Home