My mood is trash

I am grouchy and tired and restless and depressed. I chalk it up to being on painkillers for a week while I was in the hospital and the few days before. I feel miserable. They totally mess up my mood. I need to do some basic things, and some not so basic things, to take … Continue reading My mood is trash

Crazy, sick or both?

I finally got out of the hospital on Sunday. I still feel not so good. I’m just really tired now and my legs are inexplicably like lead and jelly at the same time. I actually didn’t notice that in the hospital when I was walking around my room. Now I notice it. I don’t know. … Continue reading Crazy, sick or both?

I like sleep.

I am tired and worn out again and I am so grateful to be back in my bed. Seriously. I love sleep. It’s funny because at different times in my life, I’ve hated sleep, or rather, the necessity of it. Now I am so happy to get rest, and enough of it, it’s almost silly. … Continue reading I like sleep.