“Opposite Action”

There’s this thing in DBT called Opposite Action where you do the opposite of your emotion to try to change it. Today, I’m definitely trying to change the depression and anxiety that I was experiencing yesterday. I changed my sheets and I am washing (or rather drying now) my pillowcases. I made plans with a … Continue reading “Opposite Action”

Therapy was so helpful today

I am so glad I had therapy today. I talked to her about being in the hospital and how I basically just disassociated to survive being in there. She was glad I got out when I did because she agreed with me that I probably would have just gotten worse had I stayed in there. … Continue reading Therapy was so helpful today

Five years!!!!!

I can’t believe I have had this blog for five years!!!! Five years of rambling and wandering. Thanks for joining me on the ride whether you are new here or old. I love you all!!!