I went up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on vacation, (hence my silence for a few days), and toured almost the whole thing. I could have driven to Florida and back with as many miles as I put on my car, and I never left my home state. It was beautiful. The top pic … Continue reading Wild.

Day 103

In 24 hours, I will be well on my way up north, (God willing)! I'm so excited! It almost doesn't feel real. Currently, it's a little after 6 a.m. here and I'm enjoying my morning coffee with my cat on the deck. We are trying to get our "outside" time in before it's too hot. … Continue reading Day 103

Day 102

It's Independence Day! My favorite holiday! I kind of wish I could celebrate it by doing something civilly disobedient like opening a business or something, but I can't so... I'm going to help my friend do some deep cleaning. Yay! Then I'm probably going to head to bed early so I can set my sleep … Continue reading Day 102

Day 100

This is my second morning waking up and doing things smoke-free! It's also the 100th day since our governor locked everything down. I'm celebrating one of those. Today, I'm organizing things for my trip in a serious kind of way because I'm headed to a friend's house until probably Sunday morning. I don't want to … Continue reading Day 100


I have gone 30 hours without a cigarette. It's a pretty big deal. I am serious about it this time. I don't want to be a smoker. It smells bad, tastes gross, and most importantly- costs about a zillion dollars. It also irritates other people around me and it isn't what God has planned for … Continue reading Quitter.


I did it! I cleaned all day. I also did three or four loads of laundry and folded it and put it away. I started a list for my trip and started pulling things to pack. I'm feeling super accomplished. I even found some "me time" during the afternoon by streaming some stuff to watch … Continue reading Yay.

Day 88

The sun is shining and I think my friend and I are headed for the beach! It will be good to get her out of the house and for me to see the water. I'm always better when I see the lake. For those that haven't seen it, Lake Michigan is so large that it's … Continue reading Day 88

Day 87

Well, our "state of emergency" has been extended through the middle of July. Allegedly, the governor still wants to have things opened up by Independence Day, but I am not holding my breath. In the meantime, I've been trying to live as normally as possible. I got my new computer for school yesterday, so I'm … Continue reading Day 87

Day 86

I'm feeling confused today. I mean, it's not serious and I don't know how to even go about explaining it here, but I just feel confused about a situation. There's that. Thankfully, I have therapy here in a little bit to help sort things out. I have to go on a road trip to collect … Continue reading Day 86

Day 85

It's a gorgeous morning this morning, but it's supposed to get HOT. I guess it's just supposed to keep getting warmer through the weekend, so I'm going to have to get up earlier to enjoy the mornings... I had a busy day yesterday, so I'm kind of playing it low key today. I have a … Continue reading Day 85