Awake early!

I am up early because I have a therapy appointment first thing this morning. I tried to get myself into the shower this morning, (I carried my clothes into the bathroom and everything), but I just couldn’t do it. I am so tired. I had plenty of caffeine this morning, but I couldn’t get myself … Continue reading Awake early!

Unmotivated today

I was going to get stuff done today, I swear. I planned on it, but the day just took a left turn. I know it’s because I was up too late last night. I slept until two in the afternoon today and then I didn’t feel like doing anything. Ugh. I tried to pump caffeine … Continue reading Unmotivated today


I am living in a weird split place. I am all at once completely stressed about my room and how messy it is and the work that is going to be involved to get it back to a livable state, and also able to shut that off and hang with friends at the same time. … Continue reading Dichotomy

Migraine day!

I successfully made it to my hair and therapy appointments today, but I am definitely getting a migraine. I have been exhausted all day and now my head is feeling like it’s between a vice. I took some migraine medication, so I’m hoping that helps. I wanted to clean in my closet today, but I … Continue reading Migraine day!

Back from vacay!

I went up north and made a brief trip over to Mackinac Island. I sat in the park and ate brunch and shopped for a new sweatshirt (but didn’t find anything), and I bought fudge, (which the island is famous for), for friends and family. I also just had a lovely time with my cousin’s … Continue reading Back from vacay!

Big storms!

We had some nasty storms last night I guess. I didn’t notice them because I was in the hospital and my window looks out onto a courtyard thing, instead of fully outside. Thank goodness. I’m pretty scared of storms so I am not a fan. Anyway, a bunch of people I know lost power last … Continue reading Big storms!

Seriously though???!!!!

Yeah that is an IV in my arm. I have pancreatitis again. I am so mad. I am in the hospital again, and so frustrated. I don’t know what is kicking this off. Avoid stuff kids. Photo by me.