Sad for people…

My parents are on vacation for my stepdad’s birthday. My mom, as usual, was very sick and anxious before they left, and my stepdad almost canceled the trip. Mom called me last night, now that they’ve made the first leg of their journey, and was sick and anxious again. She didn’t think she could go … Continue reading Sad for people…

My mom is okay!!

My mom went to the emergency room last night because she thought something might be wrong with her heart. Thankfully, she went through all of the testing snd she is okay. I am so grateful! I was very worried. I am still worried about my friend who continues to be ill, but I can’t really … Continue reading My mom is okay!!

I feel fried.

I’m so tired that I ate dinner and it trashed my stomach. That happens to me when I am too tired and/or upset. I helped clean at my grandparents’ house again today, and again, it wiped me out. My friend wanted to see me, and I initially told her I’d come, but my stomach is … Continue reading I feel fried.

Playing today!

Playing with my two favorite girls today and their mother, (dad is working). I think we are going to clean and finish painting a bedroom. Ironic since I haven’t finished cleaning mine, but whatever. I’m not trying to paint mine. I am very excited to play. It’s good for my soul that they are back … Continue reading Playing today!

Rainy day today

I drove all the way to therapy without my glasses. Like an idiot. I didn’t realize I had forgotten them until I was almost there, so I guess I didn’t miss them that much. It’s just raining really hard today. It’s sort of congruent with my mood. I don’t feel the best today. I don’t … Continue reading Rainy day today

I did an oops

I hadn’t smoked a cigarette in like a year (I’ve just been vaping). My cousin is back, which is always my kryptonite, and I immediately bum off her and start smoking cigarettes. Let me tell you, at the time, it was amazing. I am an addict and I love them. I woke up this morning … Continue reading I did an oops