Need to care…

This was a pretty good day a while back (my hair is a lot longer now).

I am slowly realizing that I need to take care of me.

I am absolutely miserable at it.

I’m so good at anticipating others’ needs and filling them. That’s not a boast, it’s just something I’ve learned to do so people will “love me.”

My therapist says that means I can learn to do that for myself.

I just want to care about myself the way I care about other people. I want to be able to see myself the way some of the people who love me do.

I don’t trust many people. I think that’s because of how I set up relationships.

I mean, I’ve been seeing my therapist for six months probably and I finally have connected with her. I really like her now. I liked her before, but I feel like I can trust her now.

This last few weeks have been so hard. I’m not a big fan of emotional pain, but I’m trying.

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