I met with my therapist today and I talked to her about how I learned to regulate my emotions by shelving them. I tend to avoid intense emotions by packing them up and putting them on the shelf. I practiced experiencing emotion today in her office. I hated it. I am trying. It was just … Continue reading Bookshelves

Awake early!

I am up early because I have a therapy appointment first thing this morning. I tried to get myself into the shower this morning, (I carried my clothes into the bathroom and everything), but I just couldn’t do it. I am so tired. I had plenty of caffeine this morning, but I couldn’t get myself … Continue reading Awake early!

I cleaned!

I managed to spend some time cleaning my closet. I guess that is part of my room so I can count it as cleaning that space. I also went grocery shopping with my stepdad and hauled everything into the house, so I did my good deeds for the day. It’s cloudy and gross today so … Continue reading I cleaned!


I am living in a weird split place. I am all at once completely stressed about my room and how messy it is and the work that is going to be involved to get it back to a livable state, and also able to shut that off and hang with friends at the same time. … Continue reading Dichotomy

Migraine day!

I successfully made it to my hair and therapy appointments today, but I am definitely getting a migraine. I have been exhausted all day and now my head is feeling like it’s between a vice. I took some migraine medication, so I’m hoping that helps. I wanted to clean in my closet today, but I … Continue reading Migraine day!

Broken system

The mental health system is seriously messed up. I know this is not news to anyone anywhere, but I just have to rant for a second. First, let me be clear and say that I am incredibly blessed to have a great psych provider, a great therapist, and parents who help me access a wonderful … Continue reading Broken system

So stressed…

I’m so stressed I’m stress eating. This is from the other day, but I ate a large strawberry frosty from Wendy’s. Seriously. Now, the thing was amazing, but that’s kind of not the point. I’m trying to lose weight, not gain it. Stress eating is not my best look. I just can’t cope with trying … Continue reading So stressed…